The Five Most Common Cat Skin Problems


Just like you and me, cats too can experience having skin problems. Skin disorders run rampant in the feline world. Their causes range from bacterial and fungal problems to injury, stress, allergies, and parasites such as fleas or mites. Here are the five most common cat skin problems:

1. Ringworm – This fungal infection is highly contagious to other felines as well as humans. In order to treat ringworm, it requires vet treatment with antifungal treatments. It also calls for the cleaning and sterilization of your home.

2. Alopecia РCaused by excessive and compulsive grooming, alopecia in cats is the thinning of the fur in a single stripe down the back or of their abdomen. In the worst-case scenario, your vet will have to recommend a short-course against medication.

3. Acne – Just like humans, cats can also get acne. In their case, their version of blackheads are called comedones and they form on the side of their chin and on the edges of the lips. This is likely to be caused by plastic or rubber food and water dishes. To avoid, make sure to feed your cats with glass, stainless steel, or lead-free ceramic dishes.

4. Stud Tail – Glands near the tail excretes natural oils, causing the stud tail and results in a greasy and rancid-smelling waxy brown material near the base and at top of the tail. Treatment includes neutering when needed, as well as twice a day washes with a special shampoo.

5. Ear Mites – If your cat is scratching at its ears excessively, tilting its head and shaking it profusely, and has brown or waxy material in their ear canals, it is very likely that they have ear mites. You’ll want to treat that right away by a doctor, otherwise if left untreated, it can lead to a bacterial infection.

Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

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