Five Everyday Human Foods that are Toxic to Cats

Raw tuna

Many foods that are perfectly healthy for us humans to consume might be very bad for our pets.  In fact, some foods can even kill our beloved feline friends. Many of us don’t know the real dangers that our foods pose to our pets. Cats have very sensitive systems and even the smallest amount of toxic food can send them to the Vet.  Today we are going to go over five common foods that can harm and even kill your cat.  So make sure to pay special attention to these five potential killer foods.

  1. Candy and gum can be yummy treats for us humans. But in the hands of a cat, it can cause serious health issues.  Xylitol is found in a lot of candies and gums and this artificial sweetener can destroy your pet’s health.
  2. Anything in the onion family can cause havoc with your pet’s health. Leaks, garlic, ramps and chives can really do your cat harm.  Many of our foods are cooked using these plants, to help spice things up.  But for a cat they can be deadly.  Plants from this family contain a chemical known as N-propyl disulphide, which will destroy the red blood cells of cats.
  3. While grapes and raisins are healthy snacks for us humans, they can be very bad for our cats. The reason why grapes and raisins are so harmful to felines is unknown, but it has a bad reaction if a cat ingests just one.
  4. Tuna is something you might not expect to be harmful to your pet. But canned tuna that is processed for human consumption is not good for cats. It is void of the vital nutrients that cats need and can contain mercy that will have a negative effect on their health.  Raw tuna is even bad for our cats, because it contains an enzyme that destroys vitamin B. So it’s best to avoid giving your cat tuna.
  5. Alcohol is very bad for your cat or any pet that you may have in the home. While it might be ok for us humans to have on occasion, cat’s kidneys can’t handle the acidity that alcohol contains.

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