Five Reasons You Should Use a Cat Carrier at Home


Cat carriers are essential in traveling with your feline, no matter how close or far a distance you are heading to. They are the go-to way to transport your kitty to get from point A to point B, but what you may not realize is that they are also great in integrating your cat into a new environment and/or transitioning them – especially for new cats. Being in a carrier for a while has cats feeling a sense of security and can be a great tool to use not only when traveling, but also for use at home.

Here are five great reasons for using your cat carrier at home:

1. As mentioned before, it provides a sense of security and safety. It gives your feline their own place to feel  safe.

2. When it comes to introducing your new cat, it makes it so much easier to introduce them to family and friends (relative strangers to your kitty) without any problem. New cats – and even just shy cats – will become skittish and run away at the first glance of people. This allows your friends and family to meet your kitty without it running away, and the comfort of the carrier makes your cat feel a little more at ease than without.

3. It also helps when introducing your cat to another cat. Many cat owners have the issue of figuring out if their new cat will get along with their current cats. It’s a way for the cats to check each other out, with the new cat feeling a bit more secure in the confines of the carrier.

4. It provides a great hiding spot. Even if you’re not necessarily introducing your kitty to others, its carrier can provide a safe, enclosed hideaway of their own.

5. It’s your cat’s own room, but they can let you know when they want out. Unlike a big room of their own, a carrier provides just enough space for your cat to roll around in and watch you in the comfort of those thinner walls, but can also alert you when they’re over being in there and want to roam free.

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