Five Signals You Can Get From Cat Panting

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Dogs pant after taking a brisk walk or run around the block – it’s normal for them. Cat panting, however, is not normal. Felines’ breathing should always be easy and smooth, with no restraints. ¬†If your cat is panting, there are many serious reasons as to why that is the case – and they should be monitored. Should you find your cat panting for whatever reason, it’s always a good idea to take them to the vet in order to get proper treatment – otherwise, it may even possibly be fatal.

Here are five possibilities as to why your cat is panting:

1. Respiratory problems – Cats have two parts: the upper and lower respiratory systems. In the upper system, nasal blockage could give a feline problems with breathing. In the lower system, problems like asthma could also cause panting.

2. Neurological problems – Because of the link between the brain and the respiratory center, if the respiratory center is damaged in any way (tumors, head trauma, etc), it can induce a false respiratory response, leaving a cat with abnormal breathing.

3. Cardiovascular problems – Diseases of the heart and the whole vascular system could cause lethargy and problems in cats. Parasitic diseases (i.e. heartworm) also can cause cats to pant heavily – they could even die.

4. Hematological (blood related)  problems РBlood related problems such as anemia and carbon monoxide poisoning could cause breathing issues with respiratory stress, since cats are exerting more effort and needing oxygen to assist in the needs of its body.

5. Environmental factors – Hot weather and pressure at high altitudes can definitely cause cat panting. Be sure to pay attention to your cat this summer!

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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