Five Signs Your Cat Might Be Pregnant

Pregnant cat

If you are a first time cat owner or have an unspayed female cat, you might wonder how you can tell when your feline friend is pregnant.  Today we will discuss five signs that will help you determine if you cat is expecting.

The first thing you should do is observe your cat’s physical and personality changes.  If you noticed a big change in your cat’s personality and physical appearance, she could be pregnant.

The first sign is a cease on your kitty’s heat cycle.  Female felines have their heat cycle every ten days to two weeks.  If you noticed a cease in her heat cycle and she happened to have access to a male cat, then it’s very possible that she is pregnant.

The second sign and one of the most obvious in cat’s pregnancy is pinking.  It’s when a cat’s nipples become enlarged and its color turns pinkish.

The third sign is an increase in appetite.  Pregnant felines will have an increase in appetite because they are not only eating for themselves; they are eating for the baby kittens inside their belly as well.

The fourth signs are vomiting and abdominal enlargement.  Just like a pregnant woman, a pregnant cat may also experience a few episodes of morning sickness.  This is normal and not harmful but if it happens frequently then you need to call your vet and get your cat checked.

A pregnant cat’s belly will start to show or enlarge around the fifth week of pregnancy and it will continue to grow big until she gives birth.  If you notice your pregnant cat’s belly has stopped growing, contact the vet immediately.

The fifth signs are increased affection and nesting.  These are personality changes that you will definitely notice in your cat.  Your feline may become more affectionate towards you and other family members. She might also seek attention frequently from family members that she is close with.

Nesting is a sign that appears in the late stage of pregnancy.  It’s when your cat is close to giving birth to her kittens.  You will notice your pregnant cat looking for a quiet and private place where she can give birth peacefully.

If you notice any signs of pregnancy in your cat, take her to the vet for a checkup.  The vet will be able to tell you what your cat will need to have a healthy pregnancy.

Getting your cat spayed will prevent unwanted pregnancy.

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