Five Unfair Myths About Black Cats

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Sure, we tend to love black cats during the Halloween season, but for the most part, we often give black cats a bad rap. They’re the poster child (er, poster feline?) for bad luck, especially on Friday the 13th, as well as being linked to witch craft and sorcery for ages and centuries. Because of their bad reputation, many black cats are abandoned and have a very hard time finding a home. It’s just not fair because those of us who have owned or met a black cat know that there’s certainly no truth to their bad rep.

Here are five unfair myths about black cats:

1. They are evil. For centuries, black cats have been linked to witches and superstition. There’s nothing evil about these little guys and gals – except that they want your love all to themselves!

2. They are unwanted. While this isn’t totally a myth – it can be true – it is definitely unfair. The fact that it is a myth and people make it true makes it tough for these cats to find homes and therefore makes it seem like they are unwanted by all. Debunk this myth by adopting one of your own – we dare you.

3. They bring bad luck. Just like walking under a ladder, this has no truth in it. It’s silly to say that because of its coat color, it brings bad luck.

4. They bring good luck. Like the myth that they bring bad luck, this is unfair in the sense that people expect them to bring good luck. If they don’t, then maybe that cat is cursed. It’s a lose-lose situation for cats!

5. They are unfriendly. Have you ever met a black cat that was not loving and kind? It’s unfair to lump all cats into a category. While some may not be as warm as others, many of them are the purr-fect little beings!

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

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