What is Glandex for Cats?

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Glandex is a scientific formulation that effectively keeps the anal glands clean and healthy. The medication uses a unique blend of fibers which helps to create steady and bulky stools that assist the anal glands in emptying naturally every time your cat excretes. The supplement also encompasses natural anti-inflammatories, which treat inflammation and allergies that cause anal gland infections and also help to reduce the irritation of the anal glands. It is essential to maintain a healthy digestive system to ensure that the anal gland is healthy; Glandex is a formulation endowed with probiotics to help your cat have healthy gastrointestinal health and boost pet’s immunity.

Mechanism of action of Glandex

Glandex is a supplement that works from the inside to maintain a healthy anal gland system. The active ingredient is fiber which helps increase the bulkiness and steadiness of your cat’s stool to prevent constipation and make it easy for your cat’s stool to empty naturally. The medication also contains omega fatty acids and inflammatories that cure inflammation and allergies that attack the anal gland. They also contain probiotics with digestive enzymes that help maintain a healthy digestive system. A healthy digestive system translates into a healthy anal gland functioning.

How is Glandex given?

Glandex is available in powdered form. The drug is supposed to be administered orally, and you should give the recommended prescription once daily. It is advisable to give half the recommended amount in the first week. It is easy to administer the drug since it is available in a flavored powder that you can add to your pet’s food. According to Glandex, the best way to administer the drug is to add it directly to food. You can also mix the powder with yogurt, cheese, peanut butter, or canned food. If your cat does not finish the food, keep the leftovers in the refrigerator and do a second feeding after about two hours. You can also mix the powder with clean, fresh water and use a syringe to inject it into your cat’s mouth. If your cat vomits, stop the medication and immediately consult your vet. You should not give the medication on an empty stomach. Ensure that your cat has had something to eat at least an hour before taking the Glandex.


According to Petco, you should give the drug to cats for over 12 weeks only. Administer the recommended prescription once a day. You can sprinkle the powder and mix it in your cat’s food. Ensure that you give your cat fresh drinking water. The dosage depends on the weight of your cat. Give your cat the drug daily and make sure you have mastered the weight. For cats with fifteen pounds and below, give an eighth of a teaspoon of the Powder daily. Cats with fifteen to twenty-five pounds give a quarter teaspoon, twenty-six to fifty pounds half a teaspoon, fifty-one to seventy-three quarter teaspoon, and over seventy-five pounds give one teaspoon daily. Glandex Powder contains three sizes of bottles that contain the same concentration, dosing, and ingredients. The only difference is in the amount of Glandex available in each bottle. They are available in small, medium, and large sizes. The small size is 2.5 oz, the medium size is 4 oz, and the large size is 5.5.

What if I skip a dosage?

Consult your vet if you miss a dose. In normal circumstances, it is advisable that you give the missed dose as soon as you remember, and then you can proceed with the rest of the prescribed doses. If it is near the next dosage, skip it and administer it the next scheduled time. It is dangerous to give your cat an extra or two doses simultaneously.


Store in a tight container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. You should store the medication at room temperature. If your vet makes a unique formulation for your cat, follow the recommended storage instructions and note the product’s expiry date.

Glandex Powder vs. Glandex soft chews

Glandex Powder and Glandex soft chews are supplements that contain similar active ingredients. They both work the same way to maintain a healthy anal gland system. The main difference is that Glandex soft chews are available in a treatable form containing peanut butter. At the same time, Glandex Powder is available in a form that you sprinkle on your cat’s food with an added natural beef liver that makes it tasty. The other difference is that Glandex Powder can be used in both cats and dogs, while Glandex soft chews are used in dogs only.

What to do if your cat’s anal glands are leaking?

Glandex is the best drug to use if your cat has leaking anal glands which leave a nasty discharge on the anal area. The medication works perfectly to clean the anal gland. Many cats struggle with the issue of leaking because it is a common problem that occurs when the anal glands are not emptying naturally and adequately on their own. Leaking is also caused by oversecreting fluids and irritated or inflamed anal glands.

What happens if you do not see any improvements after using Glandex? What should you do?

If you start to administer Glandex on your cat and do not see any improvements, we recommend you exercise patience. Many cats tend to show slight improvements within the first three to five weeks, but some cats take longer, and this period may expire without seeing any visible improvements. Generally, the more serious the infection on the anal glands, the more the cat will take to heal. Some pets with severe and complicated infections may take two to three months to show any positive changes. According to Vetniquelabs, if you are using Glandex and a few weeks expire without seeing any slight improvements, it is best if you can consider increasing or doubling the dosage. Some infections require a higher and stronger dosage to respond to treatment. Lastly, suppose you are on the eighth or tenth week and do not see any changes even after increasing the dosage. In that case, the manufacturer recommends that you return the container you had earlier purchased for a full refund. The manufacturer guarantees the product’s quality and effectiveness. Still, if it does not work or a consumer is not satisfied with the product, they recommend that you return the product and receive a full refund within 90 days. There are few cases where consumers have returned the product.

Signs that your cat needs Glandex

Glandex is an effective drug in treating anal gland problems. A cat has two anal glands. The anal glands are two tiny sacs you find on the inside of the anus, which are positioned at roughly the four and eight o’clock locations. The glands are endowed with numerous sebaceous glands which secrete a terrible smelling fluid. Anal sacs store the fluid which is secreted, and they release it through a tiny duct that opens on the inside of the inside. Often you will find that the anal glands get inflamed or infected, which is caused by several reasons. When the anal glands swell, the cat will experience difficulty secreting the fluid released during defecation. When the fluid is not released from the body, it becomes thick and darkens in color. The thick dark fluid provides an ideal environment for bacteria to attack the anal sacs. With time, the anal sacs swell and suffer from inflammation. Signs that your cat needs Glandex depend on the nature and severity of our handling problem. If you want to know that your cat has an anal gland infection, the first sign you will notice is dragging and scooting of the anus on the ground. Your cat will be irritable and tend to lick and bite the tail near the rectum. Anal gland infection is usually painful, and your cat will tend to scratch the infected area. If the infected area ruptures, you will notice a bloody and sticky discharge that drains from the rectum.

Pet Monitoring and Medication

While your cat is taking the medication, there needs to be someone to do an anal gland checkup. If you can’t do it, your vet can help you. Some infections may be severe and complicated and lead to leaks that leave a white discharge on the anal area.

Drugs that you can use together with Glandex

According to Vetrxdirect, there are no known drug interactions with Glandex, but there are certain hormonal drugs that you should not use together. If you use any drugs, supplements, vitamins, or herbal medicines, consult with your doctor.

What to do in case of an emergency

In the case of an emergency like an adverse reaction or an overdose, do not hesitate to call your vet immediately. If your doctor is not available or is far away, read the instructions given in the emergency facility and follow the procedures outlined.

Side Effects of the drug

There are no reported side effects of using Glandex. The only thing you will notice is that your cat’s stool may increase in size.

Product Facts

  • Drug name: Glandex
  • Item: 83729
  • Manufacturer: Ventique labs
  • Color: White Powder
  • Drug type: supplement
  • Purpose: treat anal infections
  • Animals: cats and dogs
  • Administration: oral
  • Shelf-life: 24 months
  • Packaging: 70g container
  • How it is dispensed: over the counter
  • Approved by FDA: Yes

Risk Factors

Glandex is not safe to use in pregnant cats since the safety standard is not established. It should not also be given to sick cats or those with an allergic reaction. A lactating cat may be given the drug but with the help of a vet who will give the correct prescription. If a lactating cat is given the medication, it should stay for a few days without nursing the kittens for safety purposes. Maintain a minimum direct contact with the skin.

Cautions and Concerns

Glandex is meant for animal use only and is safe to use in cats. According to Petcarerx, whether adult, kitten, or senior, you can use it in cats, but it is best for cats over 12 weeks of age. Even though the tablets can be given with or without food, ensure that your feline takes the medication when well. Remember to store in a tight container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. You should keep the product out of reach of other animals and children. In case you experience an accidental overdose, seek medical advice immediately.

How long does it take for the drug to work?

It takes three to five weeks to see typical results, but the overall results may take two to three months, depending on your cat’s health and age. Suppose you do not see any results within the first month of medication. In that case, it is recommended that you double the daily intake because some cats require a higher dosage of fiber for the medication to be effective.

Which active ingredient is found in Glandex that helps to treat anal glands?

Glandex is a supplement containing added probiotics that help maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract and a robust immune system. A healthy gastrointestinal tract functions appropriately, which helps the anal glands to empty naturally and maintain the required anal gland health.


Glandex is an effective drug in the treatment of anal gland infections. The drug works from the inside to maintain healthy anal glands. The medication is manufactured in the USA by an FDA-approved company, and so it is prescribed off-label to treat cats. You can purchase the medication from any pet store or consult your veterinarian if you need one. The duration of administration depends on the nature of the anal gland infection that is being treated. Remember to exercise care and caution while your cat is on medication.

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