A Helpful Guide to Tell You What Your Cat is Thinking About

cats moods

Many of us find it hard to understand cats.  In fact, some people consider felines to be mysterious creatures because they are having a hard time figuring out what they are thinking.  In order to decipher what’s on our cat’s mind, we need to learn their body language and its meaning.  By doing so, it will help us communicate properly with our furry friend and prevent any misunderstanding as well.  Below we will discuss how cat communicates with us.

Tail Positions

A cat’s tail can tell us how about their mood.  When a feline hold his tail high, it means that he is happy and confident.  But when you see a tail down, it means that the kitty is scared or feeling threatened.  A rapid wagging of tail signals agitation and most likely want to be left alone.  On the other hand when its tail is wag slowly it means that the cat is trying to assess the situation.

The look in their eyes

A lot of people know that cat’s eyes are beautiful.  Cats use their gorgeous eyes to communicate with us.  When a cat blinks his eyes slowly it means that he feels safe and trusts you.  This is because in the feline world, blinking slowly is a sign of trust.  So when you get a blink from your feline make sure to blink back at him/her.  Half-closed eyes means that your kitty is feeling relaxed.  Dilated pupils in cats’ means they are surprised or scared while stare means that he/she is challenging you because cats find a direct eye to eye contact as a threat.

Ears Positions

Another way that you can tell what your cat is thinking or how he is feeling is by paying attention to its ears.  Turned back ears indicate that the kitty is irritated and it’s better to leave him alone until he calms down.  A straight up ears is a sign that the kitty is alert and paying attention.  Ears against the head mean that the feline is angry or feeling defensive.  It’s their way to tell us to back off.

The way they meow

Many of us are aware that cats communicate through meowing.  They meow when they need something like food and as a sign of greetings.  When a cat is hissing or growling it’s a sure warning to back off.  Purring means that the kitty is content and comfortable.  Chatting and gurgling (high-pitched) is a sign of friendliness.

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