You Kind of Have to See Instagram Account “Cats in Food”

It’s probably fairly likely that you’ve never even heard of anybody pairing cats with all kinds of food in photos. Right? Well, there’s an Instagram page devoted to just that and it’s pretty funny and also kinda creative, too. And, in addition, they’ve been published in something called Metro News (but not as you know it) and they’re right about that. They re-posted some of the available photos and said that these pics simply can’t be unseen. I guess that’s true, too, as some of them seem just a little bit creepy as well. Probably creepiest of all is the half-eaten apple with a cat face on it. Yuck.

A Very Clever Idea

But, for the most part, they’re just plain cute and exceptionally clever. My fave is the Catstronaut and I’ll have to say that my least favorites are the ones where the cats are submerged in soup or steaming coffee or smashed into a burger. Then again, I just might be taking them just a bit too seriously. After all, the entire project is really just plain fun. Right?

No Kitties Harmed, Just Photoshopped

And, there’s no need to worry about all of those cute kitties. We can assure you that absolutely no animals were harmed in the making of these photos. The pics have actually been photoshopped by a crafty Russian artist/photographer named Ksenia Zmanovskaya to put the food together with the kitties. There are plenty of them, too, including Kittie Burritos, Pussycat Pizza, Feline Wontons, and Black Cat Oreos. And yes, there are also cat cupcakes, kitties on the half-shell, cat-topped pancakes, pussycat pasta, and tasty cat salad. There’s even a fried egg with a cat-face replacing the egg yolk. You name it and this guy turned it into a featured “Cats in Food” photo.

Play Find-the-Kitty

In a way, many of them can be fun to try to find the cat in the picture. Why? Well, because they’re hidden in the food, such as cereal or a bunch of mushrooms. There are cat cookies where the cats are exactly the same color as the cookies themselves and therefore blend right on. There are also cat donuts, cat ice cream cones, and really creepy looking cat lattes. Come to think of it, most of them are pretty creepy. How would you like to sit down to your morning bowl of cereal and a cat is peering up at you from your breakfast? Yep, creepy.


But still, they’re quite creative and really funny, too. The funniest part of all is that each and every cat that is featured in “Cats in Food” is an actual persona on Instagram. That’s good news for anybody who wants to follow their favorite cat to see what food they’re into (literally) this month. On the other hand, you could travel to St. Petersburg (sorry, not Florida) to see the artist’s exhibit at the local cat cafe! Purrfect!


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