Is CBD for Cats Safe?


CBD oil is a trending product used for its medicinal properties. CBD oil treats painful conditions in humans, but recently, the oil is marketed as a natural remedy to treat animals. People who own cats with medical conditions may wonder about the effectiveness and safety of this pain medication. The larger question looms: Is CBD safe for cats? Some evidence from research studies reveals the pros and cons of CBD oil for humans, but little empirical information is available for its efficacy for felines. Here is everything that we currently know about its application for cats.

What is CBD oil?

Knowledge of the properties of a product is essential for pet owners who want the best for their cats. CBD oil is an alternative treatment for inflammation in humans. According to Pet MD, CBD oil is an extract derived from cannabis plants. The extracted oil is called cannabidiol, more commonly referred to as CBD oil. The oil does not produce psychoactive sensations in humans or animals. It does not have the same properties as THC, also derived from cannabis, that can make you feel “high.” CBD is concentrated for therapeutic uses. Using any highly concentrated plant compound elicits some concern among pet owners. CNet further elaborates that CBD oil is a chemical compound that may not make you feel high, but it is a psychoactive chemical that can affect how the brain functions. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body, affecting homeostasis.

What is CBD oil used for?

CBD oil treats anxiety, pain, and inflammation. Its properties have been shown to improve the comfort of human users. Its application for cats is the same as for humans. Cats with severe anxiety disorders, or painful medical conditions, or injuries, may benefit from the use of CBD oil. While CBD oil does not cure any medical conditions, it can improve the quality of life in some cases. The USFDA approved CBD oil in an oral treatment called Epidiolex for use in two pediatric human seizure disorders. Researchers are in the process of investigating it as a treatment for schizophrenia.

Is CBD oil safe for cats?

There is no evidence to support the safety or danger of CBD oil for cats. It’s because no long-term studies exist. Recommendations to use CBD oil for cats are based on the assumption that its influence on the human endocrine system will be similar in felines. Some veterinarians disagree with their opinions about the use of CBD oil for cats. A high percentage of vets do not endorse its use because of the lack of scientific information about its long-term effects on cats. Some holistic animal health practitioners fully support prescribing CBD oil as a natural and safe treatment for cats. With the jury split, the choice is up to pet owners to decide if CBD is the right treatment approach for their pets.

Expert concerns about CBD oil for cats

Animal health professionals both for and against CBD oil as a treatment for cats strongly urge attention to dosages. Finding the most appropriate amount for individual cats is essential, to prevent overdosing. The problem with determining the appropriate dosage is that there is no scientific support for guidelines. Nobody knows how CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system of cats. No information about how quickly it is metabolized, or what characterizes an overdose exists yet. Some experts believe that CBD oil metabolizes through the liver, but there is a lot that is still unknown. Lack of scientific research is to blame.

Current Studies for CBD oil and cats

One study is currently underway to investigate CBD oil’s effects on dogs and cats. It is still too early to know much. However, some promising results support the anti-inflammatory benefits of the oil for dogs. It’s especially helpful for dogs with osteoarthritis. CBD oil also appears to reduce the frequency of seizures in dogs with epilepsy. The recurring warning remains that experts still do not know much about the dosages required for the treatment of medical conditions in animals, nor do they know much about the long-term effects.

Does CBD oil have adverse effects?

CBD oil can cause gastrointestinal issues for cats. it may also cause sedation. The effects of CBD oil go away when treatment is discontinued. Marijuana toxicity has been documented in cats, some requiring hospitalization until the effects wear off. This, however, occurs from cats eating the plants, which contain THC and about a hundred other compounds found in cannabis. CBD oil is isolated from the other compounds and exists without the effects of other ingredients in the pure form of cannabis.

Potential benefits of CBD oil for cats vs potential for problems

The World Health Organization issued a report in 2017, indicating that animals seem to tolerate CBD oil in its “pure state,” and that furthermore it is considered safe. Later studies reveal increases in liver enzymes in canines, but not at dangerous levels. Liver enzyme levels returned to normal when CBD was discontinued.

Why is CBD oil recommended by some experts and not by others?

The question of whether to give your cat CBD oil or not has raised more questions than answers. Animal medical experts outside of the holistic treatment field generally avoid prescribing any questionable treatment. Holistic experts are willing to experiment with possible natural treatments that improve the quality of a cat’s life. The only way to generate data needed to assess the situation is to move ahead with the use of CBD oil. The intentions of both parties are honorable and put the best interest of the animals first. There isn’t a right or wrong answer at this point. Another reason for the push for CBD oil for cats and other animals is the emerging niche in the pet care market. Some analysts believe that the market for CBD for animals will grow to $125 million by the end of the next year. The almighty dollar will push companies to produce more CBD oil. The value of the market is driven by demand for the products. Prepare to see more marketing strategies about the safety and effectiveness of CBD oil for pets. As you’re reading the advertisements, bear in mind that no longitudinal studies exist to vouch for the safety or efficacy of this treatment for cats.

Quality of CBD oil for cats

Another issue that concerns experts are the quality of the product. CBD oil in its pure form is believed to be safe for cats. Not all supplement or holistic remedy producers follow the rules. You may be able to find CBD oil cheaper through some online vendors, but the quality may not be pure. Cheaper brands may contain unknown and potentially harmful ingredients. Since CBD oil is super-concentrated, you may not receive the strength advertised on the label. Not all companies list every ingredient found in their products. Some may contain trace amounts of THC oil, if not properly extracted and distilled. This compound is toxic to cats. If you do treat your cat with CBD oil, it’s best to make your purchase from a reputable producer. It’s wise to spend a little more to avoid catastrophic outcomes.

How to know the quality of CBD oil?

Although CBD oil is not tightly regulated, some laws exist. The amount of THC must be less than 0.3%. If the THC amount is not listed on a product, it’s wise to move on to the next choice. The ideal choice is a CBD oil product that lists on the label that it contains 0.0 % THC. Remember, it’s toxic to animals. Most CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant with the CBD compound isolated, then infused into a carrier oil. The oil can be a variety of types including hemp seed, avocado, palm, olive, or coconut. It’s best to confirm the type of carrier oil used and make sure it’s healthy and non-toxic to cats.

What are the symptoms of THC poisoning?

Giving your pet an oral suspension of CBD oil that contains any amount of THC could make him sick. If your cat has trouble standing, becomes restless, lethargic, or has diarrhea or vomiting, there is a good chance that the oil you gave him contained THC. It’s wise to seek the advice of a professional animal doctor if these symptoms present.

Pros and cons of CBD oil for cats

An increasing number of cat owners are turning to CBD oil to improve the quality of life for their pets. Current uses are for relieving stress for felines with anxiety disorders. The sedating effect seems to help calm them down. CBD is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to relieve the pain and discomfort for a variety of disorders in cats. CBD oil may also lessen the frequency of seizures in cats with epileptic disorders. On the plus side of the coin, no serious issues involving the use of CBD oil for cats have been reported. This suggests that there is nothing to be alarmed about at this time.

What does the FDA Say about CBD oil for cats?

DVM 360 confirms that the US Food and Drug Administration does not encourage the use of CBD oil for cats or dogs. This is due to the lack of available research on the topic.

Should you give your cat CBD oil?

Before you treat your cat with CBD you should consult with a veterinarian. It comes down to a personal choice for pet owners. It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons and determine if the potential benefits outweigh any known or unknown risks. If this is an avenue that you believe is worth exploring, find a vet that practices holistic and natural or alternative treatments for pets. Mainstream animal doctors are less likely to be helpful. Ask your cat’s health care provider about the potential benefits and any drawbacks, and find out about the recommendations for dosages. It’s best to shave all of the information known before you proceed. Your vet may be able to provide you with practical information about where to find the highest-quality pure CBD oil. The Spruce Pets recommends only using CBD oil for cats under veterinary supervision. It’s essential to get expert advice about finding the best quality, the proper strength, and to learn about the recommended dosages for the size and weight of your cats. Austin and Kat support the use of CBD oil to help relieve your cat’s pain, anxiety, inflammation, seizures, IBD, arthritis, and more. It’s also believed to help support the urinary tract and overall wellness.

Final thoughts

CBD oil is a relatively new natural treatment that was first used in humans. It’s trending as an alternative therapy for cats for relief of pain, discomfort, anxiety, and seizures. It’s a controversial remedy with animal health professionals split on its safety and effectiveness. It’s because of the lack of research and scientific evidence. We know little about its effectiveness or safety for felines, but so far, thousands have used it to enhance the quality of life for their pets. Nothing alarming has been discovered about CBD oil although it can cause some digestive upsets. Although the FDA discourages its use for treating pets, the World Health Organization suggests it is probably safe, based on the limited amount of information we have about it. You must be careful about where you buy this product as some manufacturers include potentially dangerous ingredients that are not listed on the labels. Only buy from reputable companies to protect your cat’s health. Pure CBD oil is generally regarded as a safe and effective medication for cats when the recommended dosage is followed. It’s best to consult with a holistic animal health care practitioner before administering it to your cat.

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