Judgy Rodger is the Latest Possible Successor to Grumpy Cat

If some people went back in time, they would rush to change the photo in the school’s yearbook because we must admit that most of us do not look our best in it. Parents especially feel shortchanged by the amount of money they have to fork out only for the children to end up striking the worst poses. On the other hand, some students have held on to those little pictures for years, since they are reminded of the one time they felt photogenic. Wish we could say the same for one cat whose picture portrays a feline with an attitude. The look he held in a photo taken to woo people to adopt him made Judgy Roger the latest cat vying to take the place of grumpy cat. Read on to find out how he became an internet a sensation and other cats that have tried and failed to be Grumpy Cat’s successors.

Roger, the sassy cat

Arizona Humane Society posted a photo of Roger looking all judgmental, and to them, it was ideal since it captured the feline’s disposition. Reddit users, therefore, even felt he had excellent meme potential as Grumpy Cat with some thinking maybe it is a reincarnation since even the legend was from Arizona. The shelter took in the cat when he was much younger, in May 2020. At the time, Roger was severely dehydrated and had respiratory tract infection, which was treated at Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital. Within two months, the feline had put on a few pounds and learned to be a social cat.

However, his true colors began showing later when he refused to be petted. He loved his alone time so much that attempts to be close to him would be met with hissing, and sometimes he would hide in boxes, away from staff and volunteers. Although cats are known to prefer being left alone, Rodger’s case was a bit over the top. Consequently, the shelter had to seek a behavioral specialist to help keep Rodger’s sassiness in check. Valerie, the behavioral specialist, realized that her efforts were unfruitful until she brought him a friend and immediately, Rodger returned to his once playful self.

As a result, the shelter advised that anyone willing to adopt the cat should have a social cat at home that would enable Rodger to build his confidence. Valerie added that the adoptive parents should have lots of patience to deal with Rodger’s attitude. Even before people could learn of Judgy Roger’s attitude, he already was worming his way into people’s hearts; a Reddit user disclosed that they almost adopted him but could not because the cat was sick and had been quarantined. One woman, Patricia McNeel, however, was in luck because she fell in love with the way the cat cuddled and wanted to adopt him, unaware that he was an already famous cat. Patricia took him home on July 31, 2020, and she cannot wait to be hearing him purring like a motorboat for the rest of his life.

Other cats that have been named Grumpy Cat’s successors

Replacing a legend is not easy, yet various cats have tried their luck to be the next Grumpy Cat, but none of them ever reach the heights that he did. According to Mail Online, Meow Meow, from Taiwan was adopted from a shelter by Clare who was taken in by the feline’s grace and elegance. Despite the praises, Meow Meow face made her the candidate for becoming Grumpy Cat’s successor thanks to markings around his eyes. Just like Tardar Sauce, Meow Meow looked permanently angry although Clare revealed that she was a very gentle cat, preferring to wake her owner by massaging her head.

Grumpy cat had millions of followers in all social media platforms but none of the cats who have been said to look like him come close to reaching such popularity. Still, the successors try their best as can be seen by Louis, a Texan cat whose irritated facial expression had people asking if it was a genetic disorder. However, his parent, Michelle, revealed the angry look was because Louis did not get along with his younger sister, Monae, who bullied him. The attempts to gather a huge media following has not been successful because last year, Louis only had 300 followers, and currently, the number is 19.6K on Instagram.

Making your cat an internet celebrity

We go wrong in trying to imitate people, yet we have our very own gifts that set us apart from the rest. Similarly, not every cat that has a grumpy face should replace Tardar Sauce because even if another feline looks like him, they can never be quite the same. HuffPost therefore gives us a few pointers on how to ensure your cat is a celebrity. You can choose to focus either on the distinct physical feature that can be enhanced to make him stand out or maybe his unique behavior.

If you happen to have an ordinary cat, then it is up to you to be active to make him a celebrity, even if it means dressing him in a ridiculous costume just for laughs. All the same, your efforts will go down the drain if you only have a handful of followers on social media. Therefore you must be very active on social media and build a following by networking. Also, one picture or video may not be enough to capture people’s attention, so posting as many as possible will increase the chances of one of them going viral. However, even before you do all these ensure your cat is cooperative by treating him like the king he thinks he is, lest that video will take forever to make because your cat cannot stand you.

Regardless of whether your cat comes out a star or remains a regular feline lazing around all day, give him unconditional love. Grumpy Cat lived his life, and of course, he never knew that once he died, he would not be forgotten and people would try to get him a successor. What matters is that he felt loved in his own home, and that is what Judgy Roger wants, not forgetting a playful companion to keep his sassiness in check.

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