A List of Great Cat Movies for Children

Exotic Shorthair Cats Are Shown To Promote Movie "Garfield"

There are a number of great movies for children that revolve around dogs, like Air Bud, Lassie and Old Yeller – but what about the cats?! While cat movies do exist, they don’t seem as prominent as ones with dogs in them. Cats are practically celebrities on the Internet, but when it comes to the movies, they just can’t win. After all, can you name five movies that star cats? It can be done, but you really have to think about it. Hollywood, take note! Here’s a cheat sheet on five great cat movies for kids… and us kids at heart!

1. The Aristocats

You can’t have a list of children’s movies without including a Disney movie on it! This lesser-known Disney flick is fun for the whole family as well as the perfect movie for cat lovers of all ages. It’s a great story about “lower class” cats helping out “aristocrat” felines and best of all: it includes the most adorable movie kittens!

2. That Darn Cat

The movie title alone makes you want to check it out if you haven’t already. After all, it was so good, they made two movies from it! (Yes, remakes count as a double.) There’s the 1967 version with Hayley Mills of Parent Trap fame and then the more recent 1997 one with Christina Ricci. While the storyline tends to be pretty forgettable, the film involves a bank robbery, kidnapping and a feisty cat that teaches the bad guys a lesson. Check out both versions for twice the fun!

3. Garfield 

Cat lovers everywhere know this big orange cat with an even bigger personality, thanks to his classic comic strip! The recent movie has Bill Murray voicing the sarcastic feline, which is a total win for cat and Garfield fans alike!

4. Milo and Otis 

Can’t help but love a movie that hails both cats and dogs! Orange tabby cat Milo gets into a ton of shenanigans and adventures before becoming friends with a pug puppy named Otis. The two are the best of friends, often finding themselves in sticky predicaments.

5. Oliver and Company

A telling of the story of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist but using cats and dogs to tell it? Count us in! This great pre-Disney animation studios revamp of the late 80s revolved around Oliver, an orphan cat who ends up falling in with some riffraff characters, including the Artful Dodger, a mangy dog.

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