Tips on Naming Your Cat

naming your cat

Smokey.  Blacky.  Pepper.  All of these names should ring a bell to you if you own a pet.  Usually the names we pick for our animals are based on what they look like.  Sometimes children get the say so in naming your pet which is why a lot of the times the name ends up being a color.  How else would you find a name for your cat if it wasn’t for the color of their fur?  Tigger is a common name for orange cats with stripes, but why don’t you try to think outside of the box?  Unless you really like the name Tigger, then you should try to pick a name that doesn’t reflect on the color of their fur.  Naming your cat is like naming your baby.  You want the name to stand out and possibly be more unique than your neighbor’s cats name.  What other ways can you find a name for your cat without relying on their fur coat?

You can always find a book with cat names.  That was easy enough, right?  Just because you have the book doesn’t mean that you can automatically pick the right name for your cat, though.  You need to factor in a few things.  What letter do you want the name to start with?  That might not seem liek it is important, but it actually is.  There are some letters in the alphabet that you might not like.  For instance, I don’t really like the letter W.  I wouldn’t open the book of cat names to the W section since I don’t really like that letter.  You don’t want to pick a name for your cat that starts with a letter that you’re not really into.  You’ll never want to spell it out!  You will be able to pick a name for your cat a lot easier if you choose the first letter at the beginning of the process.

Another way to pick a name for your cat is to name it after a friend, family member, or someone important to you.  If you love Lady Gaga, name your cat Gaga.  If you are obsessed with Twilight, name your boy cat Edward or your girl cat Bella.  Maybe your best friend helped you through a lot of sad times as well as happy times and you want to name your cat asfter them.  There are many people in your life, whether you know them or not, that could have an influence on what you name your cat.

There is also another way that will get your brain moving in order to find a name for your cat.  Make a name up!  Use different names or words that you like and make your own name for your cat.  If you actually like to name your cat by their fur color, be creative and mix it in with something else.  I love the name Aurora and I like the color purple.  I could name my cat ‘Plora.’  That might not be the best example for a great sounding name, but I think you get the picture.  There are many ways that you can choose a name for your cat so you better start thinking now!

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