What is Nexgard for Cats?

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Cats often engage in outdoor activities, including hunting prey, and are more likely to get multiple parasitic infections. According to Zenopa, NexGard is the newest product by Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health and an expanded version of its famous NexGard series. Initially established in 1885, this company has manufactured various products for animals and pets. Nexgard is FDA approved to kill ticks and fleas. With Nexgard Chewables made specifically for dogs, the company has recently developed Nexgard Combo for cats to treat and prevent parasitic infections. Here is an exclusive review on Nexgard for cats, its usage, dosage, side effects and precautions.

What Is the Nexgard?

Nexgard is a colorless light brown clear spot-on solution. Nexgard Combo spot-on solution for cats is available in two types for cats, the revolutionary Nexgard Combo is ideal for use on kittens from as early as eight weeks old.

How does It work?

The new NexGard Combo is formulated using isoxazoline-based endectocide for cats. It has a fascinating trio of active ingredients, including eprinomectin, Esafoxolaner, and praziquantel. Eprinomectin and praziquantel are effective in killing internal parasites that often infect cats. Eprinomectin kills the roundworms by causing paralysis. On the other hand, praziquantel works by disrupting the cell membranes of tapeworms, causing their death. Esafoxolaner works by eradicating the external parasites that infest the cat’s skin. The joint action of the mighty trio makes the Nexgard combo an ideal product to keep your feline friend healthy. The list of excipients includes; glycerol formal, Dimethyl isosorbide, and Butylhydroxytoluene (E321). The broad-spectrum combination of the drug is intended to protect cats against multi parasitism. Generally, Pharmarcy4Pets.com approves the product as best for cats infected with or at risk of mixed infections from ectoparasites, nematodes, and cestodes. The product is also helpful in controlling flea allergy dermatitis.

Directions For Usage and Dosage

To start with, you should choose the right NexGard combo pack based on your cat’s weight. Apply the contents of the applicator onto the cat’s skin at the center of its neck, where your cat cannot reach or lick it. Ensure to read all the instructions on the pack or consult with your vet to establish whether the product is ideal for your cat. The recommended Nexgard combo doses for cats are 1.44 mg Esafoxolaner, 10 mg praziquantel, and 0.48 mg eprinomectin per kg bodyweight. Ensure to use the applicator size indicated based on your cat’s weight. Here is a guideline for the correct administration of the drug:

  • Use scissors to carefully cut the blister along the dotted line and pull the lid away.
  • Take out the applicator from the package and hold it upright
  • Slightly pull back the plunger, twist, and pull the cap off
  • Hold your cat gently and part the hair on the neck’s midline, between the shoulder blades and the skull base, until the skin is well visible.
  • Put the applicator’s tip on the skin and apply the whole medication directly on the skin in one spot. The medication should be applied to dry skin in an inaccessible area to prevent the cat from licking it off. In long hair breed cats, ensure to pay special attention when applying the product and apply it on the skin and not the hair for optimum efficacy.

Clinical research repeated treatments should be restricted to limited individual cat situations with the least treatment interval of one month. The fact that the safety has not been evaluated beyond six weeks means that it’s not recommendable to administer more than six consecutive treatments within 12 months. To avoid re-infestation from new fleas, it’s recommended that you treat all cats in the household. Use an ideal product to treat other animal species staying in the same household.

Safety Precautions for Cats

The Nexgard combo for cats is a Spot-on application only. You should not administer the drug orally, inject, or via any other extra route. Because it’s applied on the skin, avoid shampooing the cat within two days following administration so as not to reduce the product’s efficacy. Also, ensure to avoid contact with the eyes of your cat. Use clean water to flush the eyes in case of any eye contact. However, if the eye irritation persists, consult your veterinarian to guide you on what to do. The manufacturer indicates that the medication should be applied on a skin area where your cat cannot lick it, particularly on the neck in between the shoulders. Ensure that the cat does not lick each other until you can no longer notice the treated area. If your cat accidentally ingests the medication, it can result in hypersalivation. More so, fleas and ticks require to begin feeding on the cat to get exposed to the Esafoxolaner ingredient. Therefore, you can’t exclude the risk of arthropod-borne disease transmission. According to PetPrescription, you should only use the NexGard combo for cats older than eight weeks. The product is not for use in cats under eight weeks of age or less than 0.8 kg in weight. Once you start administering the dose to your cat, monitor it closely for any signs of side effects. In case of any signs of irritations or allergies, discontinue using the product immediately. Like all other medications, always read all the instructions on the pack before using and store the drug out of reach of children. The Nexgard combo for cats should be exclusively used in confirmed mixed infections or where a cat is at significant risk of infection with nematodes and ectoparasites, including heartworm, and where the concurrent treatment against cestodes has been indicated. More so, the prescription rationale and frequency of use are tailored to the cat’s individual needs based on the cat’s lifestyle, clinical assessment, and the local epidemiological situation and risk to address situations of mixed infections and risks. After administration, any unused medication or waste material from the procedure should be properly disposed of. Nexgard Combo or any of its empty applicators should not be disposed of into watercourses as they might harm aquatic life.

Special Precautions for The One Administering Nexgard Combo for Cats

Do not drink, eat or smoke when administering the Nexgard combo to your cat. Also, ensure to wash hands immediately after use and dispose of the applicators used out of children’s reach. If your hands come into contact with the applicator, you should wash them thoroughly with clean water and soap. As earlier indicated, Nexgard Combo can be dangerous for your cat’s eyes. In similar circumstances, the medication can cause eye irritation in humans, which can be severe in exceptional cases. If you accidentally expose your eyes to the medication, use clean water to flush the eyes immediately and thoroughly. Remove your contact lenses if you have one and rinse them thoroughly. If the issue becomes severe, consult your physician and show the medication package. Individuals who have an established hypersensitivity to Esafoxolaner, praziquantel, eprinomectin, or other drug excipients should avoid contact with the Nexgard Combo. Because teratogenic and foetotoxic effects have been established in clinical trials on laboratory animals, pregnant women should avoid direct contact with the product by wearing hand gloves during administration. Another precaution to take when administering this medication is ensuring that the treated area is no longer noticeable before contacting the site of application. Also, you should not allow kids to play with the treated animals until the application site is no longer noticeable. The manufacturer recommends treating the animals in the evening to lower the chances of the cat coming into contact with people after the treatment. It’s also recommended that recently treated cats should not sleep with people, particularly children.

Nexgard Combo For Cats; Safety and Efficacy

Several studies have been done regarding Nexgard combo safety, pharmacokinetics, and efficacy of the three active ingredients, i.e., Esafoxolaner, praziquantel, and eprinomectin. The studies show that the three active substances do not interact. The pharmacokinetics also supports the curative deworming effect and sustained active insecticidal-acaricidal activity for at least 30 days. NexGard Combo kills fleas before they can start laying eggs and remains effective for one month. The drug also kills cats’ most common tick species, i.e., Ixodes scapularis for four weeks and Ixodes Ricinus for five weeks. As per to various studies, the ideal treatment frequency for cats with this broad-spectrum combination will vary depending on epidemiological and parasitological considerations. Particular factors might indicate more intensive treatments or monitoring, while others might dictate less regular use. When it comes to identifying the parasitic risk, the vet is critical for indicating the recommended prescription and frequency of the treatment. The vet will consider the cat’s individual risk factors such as health status, age, lifestyle, housing, geographical location, family environment, and zoonotic risk. It is also vital to be aware of the limited understanding of owners on the requirement to protect their cats against various types of parasites and not only fleas. Therefore, the veterinarian’s prescription should be based on an exclusive risk assessment of every individual cat.

Nexgard Contraindications and Adverse Reactions

The medication has contraindications in cases of a cat with hypersensitivity to the drug’s active substances or any of its excipients. The medication has no adverse side effects at the recommended dosage. The cat only experiences mild reactions of short durations and self-limiting. However, if you notice any severe side effects or think the medication has not been effective, please consult with your vet. Adverse reactions include transient and uncommon cases of diarrhea, hypersalivation, lethargy, anorexia, and emesis shortly after application.

Nexgard Storage Instructions

Nexgard combo can be harmful if ingested or comes into contact with the human skin. Hence, you should ensure to keep it out of reach and sight of children. Also, store the unused applicator in the original drug package to protect it from light and dispose of them immediately after usage. Like all other products, don’t use the medication after the expiry date indicated on the package. Usually, NEXGARD Combo has a shelf life of 3 years.

Nexgard: Where to Buy

You can conveniently buy Nexgard Combo for cats via online websites. However, you will need the approval of your veterinarian. Some veterinarian offices have this medication in their offices, so make sure to ask your veterinarian if it is available or if you should buy it online. For about $40, you can readily get a Nexgard combo for your cat.

NexGard Recalls & Controversies

Although NexGard has not had any FDA recalls, the FDA has placed an alert for veterinarians and pet owners. There is a potential for adverse neurological effects in cats and dogs when treated with drugs in the Isoxazoline class category. Nexgard is included in this class, along with other medications. The product has been made for the prevention and treatment of flea infestations along with other internal parasites. The FDA recommends that you always connect with your vet to ensure that the use of Nexgard is safe with your pet. It might depend on your dog’s medical history, so it is best to discuss all the options with your vet before using Nexgard Combo for your cat.

Bottom Line

NexGard Combo has an excellent reputation and has proven safe for cats worldwide. It tackles both external and internal parasites, which improve your cat’s health and prevent further diseases. Each dose is based on your cat’s weight and can be safely used each month. It is an excellent preventative treatment, mainly if you stay in areas where ticks and fleas are common and internal parasites. Although the drug has not had any recalls, the FDA recommends that you always consult your vet if NexGard Combo is safe for your cat, based on her medical history.

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