Pregnant Cat has Kittens Right Under a Christmas Tree


During the Christmas holidays we hear a variety of different stories. Some are tragic and others are heartwarming. There are quite a few incidences that get our attention and many of them are situations that revolve around family pets. This one centers around a pregnant cat and how she made a tremendous contribution to the family’s holiday season with the special event that brought a smile to everyone’s face and a tear to the eye of some. We’re very pleased to share the story of Tink, the stray cat and her amazing gift to the family who adopted her.

The origins of Tink

Before she gained her new name, Tink was a stray cat who wandered the streets barely finding the necessary sustenance for survival. The pregnant stray was taken in by the Lopez family and once in her new home, she began to thrive and regain her health. As the time for delivery grew near, she picked a novel location to give birth. Danielle Lopez was chilling in her home and heard a faint noise. It sounded like a soft meowing and it was coming from the area of the family’s Christmas tree. She got up to investigate and discovered that Tink had given birth to four tiny kittens. The family was delighted with this early Christmas present and the delivery that took place right under the Christmas tree could not have happened more perfectly. It was a joyous event that Danielle could not help but sharing on Twitter.

Help naming the kitties

It can be difficult to find just the right name for any new pet. The family now charged with naming four had no trouble. It was obvious that since they were born under the Christmas tree to a mom that was herself a rescue cat, the names Faith, Christmas, Joy and Noel were fitting. The family has decided that they will keep Tink, of course, and all of the kittens incorporating them into their family.

The greatest Christmas miracle

Not only has Tink had a few miracles of her own, but so has the Lopez family. Tink was saved from a miserable and lonely fate. She and her kittens will never want for food, shelter or love thanks to the care they get from their new family. The Lopez crew has just expanded the size of their family with the addition of Tink and her new family which will no doubt bring years of enjoyment, companionship and pleasure to their new family. This is a story that is heart warming and has a happy ending for everyone.

Final thoughts

During this time of year there are so many animals that go unnoticed and not cared about. It is truly a miracle when they are united with the right family who not only wants them, but in many respects, needs them to brighten up their lives and add a sense of completion. Pet lovers understand the necessity of this type of companionship and the animals who are rescued contribute as much to their new families as their new care givers do for them.

Photo via Twitter

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