Quick Cat Tip of the Day: Be Consistent with In House Cat Training


Training your cat is not an easy task.   It requires patience, preparation but what we’re going to focus on today is consistency.  Cats are extremely smart animals and if you have any kind of breaks in your routine or changes to the way you are trying to modify your cat’s behavior then you might run into some problems.   Let’s use the example of allowing your cat to do something.   One family member may allow the cat to drink their water outside whereas another only lets the cat drink water inside the house.

Or let us say that one family member allows the cat to sleep in a bedroom at night whereas another refuses.   The bottom line here is that sending mixed messages to your cat not only isn’t fair but it gives your cat no direction thus creating a more chaotic situation than you would hope for.

It’s important that you and your entire family be consistent in instilling rules with your cat.   If everyone is on the same page, things will got a lot smoother.

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