Tips for Caring For Your Cat’s Paws

Cats  love to climb and scratch all over the place, which is why it is so important to  keep their paws clean and wound-free. Having their paw injured is like having anything else on their body injured as well – it’s a very serious and important part!

Here are some tips for caring for your cat’s paws:

– DO NOT declaw. It might seem like a harmless procedure, but it’s likely your cat would disagree. Declawing is an extremely painful procedure that amputates the end of cats’ toes. Just keep your cat’s nails trimmed and they should be fine.

– Some cats, especially long-haired cats, sometimes have hair sprouting in between their toes. If your cat is irritated by it or is constantly licking that area, use a small, rounded pair of scissors to give the hair a little trim.

– Cats’ paw pads are very, very sensitive.  In both hot and cold weather, keep them moisturized with a vet-recommended product. Also, try to avoid letting your cat’s feet touch extreme temps, including freezing patios, hot sidewalks or other uncomfortable surfaces.

– Make sure their paws are free of wounds and infections. Make sure to remove splinters or debris gently. If you notice any blood, pus or an unusual odor, please also take your cat to the vet to check for infection.

– Certain breeds can be susceptible to foot problems, depending on the breed. Do a little research on that, just to be safe… and aware!

Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images


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