Tips for Cat Owners Who Are Allergic to Cats

cat allergy

If there’s one thing that is worse than loving cats and not being able to own one, it’s owning a cat and being allergic to them! You can look but you can’t touch your beloved feline – and that’s just not right. Owning a cat can be a handful, but the love they emit and their adorable ways are definitely worth it. But when your eyes swell up, red, itchy and watery, you can’t stop sneezing or coughing, and you’re itching in the throat or on your skin, it’s a big problem. What’s a cat owner to do? Is it possible for allergic owners to have cats? Answer: Of course! While in some cases it’s necessary for owners to give up their cats, it’s not always the case – depending on what your physician tells you.

If you’re one of the lucky ones not told to give up your feline, here are some tips for those cat owners who are allergic to cats:

– Give your cat a bath at least once a week. Your vet can probably recommend a shampoo that won’t dry out your cat’s skin and bathing them eliminates allergens.

– Brush or comb your cat regularly. Do this outside, preferably. But make sure your cat is on a leash if outside.

– Wash your hands after touching your cat and before you touch your face. Avoid your eyes and nose areas if you haven’t been able to wash up – they are the most sensitive to allergens.

– Have a designated “pet outfit.” Wear only that outfit when playing with your kitty in order to leave your other clothes uncontaminated.

– Find a good doctor. An allergy specialist is key to have to help alleviate your symptoms and will make sure your cat is the cause of your allergies. Plus, they can give you medication and immunity shots to help you and your furry friend coexist happily!

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