Tips on Entertaining Your Cat With Household Items

Cats are playful by nature and rightfully so – play time is an important part of their daily lives. Even though your cat may not have real prey to chase after, it’s a way to provide your feline with a stimulating environment. Play makes for a healthy and happy cat and gives them an outlet for all of their energy and enthusiasm. Cats are also great at amusing themselves – they can find anything to use as a plaything.

Who says that cat toys need to break the bank, or even make a significant dent in it? There are several things around your house that could be used or made into toys for your kitty. Cats can be completely content with some of the simplest things that can be found around your home. There’s really no use in buying expensive cat toys – sometimes cats ignore the store-bought things in favor of random household items they can be entertained with, leaving owners with ignored toys.

Here are some household items that are great for your cat to play with:

– Empty cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls and/or paper towel rolls

– Crumpled ball of paper

– Empty paper bags with the handles removed, good for pouncing or hiding in

– Round plastic shower curtain rings

– Cardboard boxes – fasten a few together for some fun, and if you cut out a “door,” it makes for a great cat condo!

– Ping pong balls or practice plastic golf balls with holes in them

– The little red light of a laser toy (operated by you, of course)

Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images


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