Six Tips for Moving Your Cat Across Country


People move from one location to another all the time.  However, it’s not often that you move from one end of the country to another.  It could be a new job, a change of scenery, or a myriad of reasons.  So while you might be making that cross country move and are aware of all the preparation it takes, also be aware that if you have a cat coming with you, you’ll need some preparation for your feline as well. If you’re moving across the country with your cat,  here are six tips that will help….


1.  Vets and Microchips – A microchip is a no brainer the very first time you get your pet.   If you didn’t have your cat microchipped when you got him or her, then have it done.  But make sure all your contact information is up to date in case your cat goes missing along the way.   In terms of health, make sure that your cat’s vaccinations are up to date.  Pay one last visit to the vet before you leave.


2. Research traveling requirements –  If you are flying with your cat then you need to know about health certificate certifications.  If you are not flying then there are licenses you need to obtain for importing your cat into a new state.   Here is a link for importing licensing requirements from state to state.


3. Research destination requirements – Once you’re in the state that you’ve moved to you must be aware of pet licensing for that particular state.  Many states require that you license your pet within 30 days of arrival.   You can usually find requirements on state and city official websites.


4. Make sure your stocked – Before you leave stock up on all the pet supplies you’ll need for the trip.  That means cat food,  pads, lining for carriers, pet cleaners, disposable boxes, you name it.   If you want to get to your new location in a timely manner you don’t want to be making too many stops to clean up after your cat.

cat hotel

5.  Know your rest stops – Before you leave plan on staying at pet friendly hotels on the way (assuming you drive).   A good site to visit that can help you here is Pets Welcome.   Hotels have different requirements and fees for pets so it’s best you know beforehand.


6.  Have all pertinent cat information – Keep your cats’ veterinary records, along with photos and descriptions of each cat, in an easily accessible folder or tote in your vehicle. Keep a pet first-aid kit and your cats’ medications here, too.

This article was inspired with the help of Catster

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