Tips for Hiring the Perfect Cat Sitter

It’s well into spring and you know what that means: it’s almost vacation time! But while you’ll be jet setting to warm, beautiful places, your cat will be stuck at home most likely, needing a cat sitter. That shouldn’t be a problem, as most of your family and friends adore the little guy, right? Sometimes, though, you just might have to hire someone not so close to your cat, and that could be quite the challenge. Luckily we have some great words of advice when it comes to finding a reliable sitter.

Here are things to consider as well as a few tips for hiring the perfect cat sitter:

– They are trustworthy. Be sure you can trust the person – you don’t want to be worrying about the security of your place on top of worrying about your cats.

– They care about ALL kinds of cats. Ideally, your sitter will love cats with all their heart and being. Observe the person with your cats – it’s likely you’re highly tuned into your cats and you’ll be able to pick up on whether the person will or won’t be a good fit. That sounds about right.

– They will remember to visit your cats as required. While this sounds like common sense, you’d be surprised that others may not think of this. Make sure the person you’re enlisting to watch over your precious feline is organized and will not “forget” such an important commitment as this.

– They are knowledgable about cats. A good cat sitter should be able to understand the nuances of cats and notice when things are okay and when things may be a little off. This plethora of knowledge often comes from years of working with and observing cats.

– They are detail-oriented. A good cat sitter cares about the details – and remembers them. Make sure that the cat sitter cares enough about the little details so that the procedures will get carried out correctly, especially things like taking medication and such.

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images


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