Tips on Keeping Your Cat Happy Indoors

With the weather being quite frightful outside this winter season, it’s imperative for cat owners to keep their cats inside so they don’t freeze or find themselves in danger. But it’s not always easy to do, especially if your cat is an outdoor loving feline. Keep your kitty healthy and happy while being in a safe and entertaining environment for them!  Here are some tips on keeping your cat happy while indoors:
– ID them. Make sure they have a collar and an identification tag, even if they’re inside. You never know what could happen – an open window and a quick kitty are a dangerous combination. Trust us, you’ll be thankful!
– And while you’re at it, give them a chip. Microchips store information on your cat and will -assist enormously if your cat ever gets lost. Keep your contact information up-to-date and if they ever get lost, contact your local animal shelter.
– Play with them daily. Cats need loving and attention, and you can never go wrong with giving them toys to play with! Be sure to give them a variety of different toys – but make sure they are safe for cats.
– Clean up. It’s annoying, but make sure you keep their living quarters and litter box clean on a regular basis.
– Bring the outside in. If you can’t play outside, you can always buy cat grass, which is sold at pet supply stores. Your cat will love you forever!
– Get them a tree. Also known as a cat condo, you can purchase a cat tree, which is great for your feline to climb on. You could also make one.
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