Tips On How to Properly Feed Your Cat


Feeding your cat is a seemingly simple task – or is it? After all, most of the time cat owners end up feeding the aisles, their felines canned wet food or dry food that is tried and true. Other times, some cat owners just think they can feed their furry friends the same things humans eat. What’s a cat owner to do?!

Here are some of the few ways to properly feed your cat:

– First and foremost, do not feed dog food to your cat. Animals are all of a different species it seems, and that distinction can a life-saving move. Also, dog and cat food aren’t always up to par with one another, especially when it comes to nutrients.

– If most wet pet food isn’t eaten in two hours, make sure your refrigerate it. Dry food and biscuits can be left out on the table.

–  When it’s a hot day, keep a close eye on your cat. Make sure to fill your cat’s water supply with fresh cold water initially, and continue to refreshen its bowl throughout the day.

–  Never give your cat bones! They are able to catch in your cat’s throat and can splinter into very sharp pieces.

– Don’t be surprised if your cat loves to feed the grass; many animals actually graze!

– If you’re planning to change your feline’s diet for whatever reason, do it gradually. Sudden changes may do strange things to your cat’s system.

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