Tips for Having a Safe Road Trip With Your Cat


With the three-day weekend holiday coming up, it’s common for many people to take a short trip out of town – which usually means either taking or leaving your beloved furry friend. It’s not impossible to take your cat with you on a road trip, but it’s also not the easiest task if you are unprepared. However, the fun you’ll have bringing along your feline friend definitely trumps the extra preparation. We’re even going to make it easier on you by giving you a cheat sheet!

Here are 5 helpful tips for making a road trip safe, bearable and (most of all) fun with your cat in tow:

1. Visit the vet. Before heading out on the big small trip, make a trip to the veterinarian to ensure your cat’s health and well-being. Who knows? Your vet might even have some great tips you otherwise¬†wouldn’t¬†have known about!

2. Make sure they wear an ID tag and microchip. Even if your indoor cat stays inside most of the time, have them wear an identification tag at all times, and be sure to keep the information on the microchip updated.

3. Properly secure your kitty in the car. Your cat may prefer to roam around the car, but that’s not safe for either of you. Introduce them to the pet carrier, which is the safest mode for your pet. If the carrier is a no-go, use a pet harness that’s secured in a seat next to a passenger they trust.

4. Take short ride breaks. If the car ride is long, you definitely want to take potty breaks for your cat. These breaks will allow your cat to stretch, potty and even get a quick snack. Each cat is different, though, so while one cat may enjoy the breaks, another might refuse to potty or eat food. You know your cat best and go with how they are feeling. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to keep your driving time to 8 hours maximum at a time.

5. Pack an emergency first aid kit. You can either buy a pet first aid kit or you can simply make one yourself. Be sure to include necessities like fur-friendly bandages, your pet’s medication and instructions of said meds, copies of their medical/vaccination records, and your vet’s phone number. Don’t forget to throw some gloves and a towel in there as well!

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