Ways to Tell If Your Cat Is Experiencing Pain

While we can understand a variety of their body language and a little bit of the sounds they make, we unfortunately cannot know outright if our cats are in pain. As much as we wish we can communicate easier with our feline friends, we have to depend on our senses and pay attention to even sense that they are uncomfortable and may need veterinarian assistance. Luckily, with the right signs combined with our alertness, we can know a little more easily if our cat is experiencing pain.

The following are several subtle signs to be aware of:

– Hiding

Cats know that pain makes them vulnerable so their instinct is to hide to avoid being preyed on.

– Excessive Licking of an Area

Hurting felines will try to bring themselves relief by licking an ailing area.

– Not Grooming

It’s not normal for older cats to look greasy and scruffy – and if the latter is the case, it’s usually because of failing health conditions. Any cat who stops grooming should be taken to be seen by the vet.

– Change in Behavior

If a cat changes its behavior, there’s always a reason. Likewise, a super-active cat who starts sleeping all day or a cat who suddenly starts acting grumpy all the time could both be expressing indications that they are hurting.

– Abnormal Body Positions

A cat who is in severe pain will likely sit hunched up with her feet tucked under her, with her nose almost on the floor. But there are also other abnormal positions that may not be so obvious, so just pay attention.

– Faraway Look in the Eyes

Combined with abnormal body positions and you know you have a hurting kitty.

– Resistance to Touch

Much like people, if something is bothering your cat, they will growl, swat and snap when being stroked, moved or touched at all.

– Change in Litter Box Habits

Cats experiencing pain in their backs and hips may have trouble using the litter box as well as they used to.

Photo by Putu Sayoga/Getty Images

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