Ways to Tell If Your Kitty is Happy


Like most animals, cats can’t express themselves by speaking as humans can. They can only hint through body language or just plain make various noises that give a little bit of an indication that something may be wrong. So how can you tell what your cat is feeling, much less on what makes the kitty joyous? And let’s face it – all we care about as parents is what our children (cats included) are feeling.

Here are some ways to tell if your precious feline is happy:

– Their vocals

I know, I know… cats technically can’t talk, which is half true. They can’t speak aloud or annunciate words like a human, but they actually can. Just because we can’t understand what they’re saying doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, after all. Their high-pitched vocals mean a happier tone, while a lower pitch can mean frustration and being demanding.

– Their body language

A cat’s eyes, ears, fur, tail and body positions assist in letting us know how our cats are feeling or if they are content. A good indicator also includes its tail, which stands straight up with just the tip crooked in a ‘howdy’ greeting to people and others  the cat considers friends.

– Playing

If a kitty is playing, it’s a surefire way to show it is content and happy. Cats usually play with people they like most and can trust.

– Sleeping

Oftentimes sleeping is an indicator of depression, but in cats it also shows happiness. To be able to sleep in a specific place and with different people around you usually means you are comfortable and happy. Take it as a very good sign!

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