Woman Meets Kitten and Can’t Sleep Until She Adopts Him

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It takes a special kind of person to adopt an animal, but it takes a person with a truly loving heart to adopt any animal that is considered to be a special needs case. In the case of Grant, a shelter kitten with cerebellar hypoplasia, he was considered to be just as normal as any other kitten with just a slight difference. Thanks to his condition Grant was a little more off balance than other kittens, and it is a condition that he will be forced to live with throughout his life. Thankfully this doesn’t mean that he will live his life any different than any other animal. Sometimes it simply takes that one unique person to see past any physical impairment and realize that any animal is a wonderful addition to their home and family. In this case it was all came about in a “woman meets kitten, woman loves kitten, woman adopts kitten” kind of way.

The Whole Story

At only 2 months of age, Grant, a shelter kitten, was diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia. The hard to say condition means that Grant is not entirely stable on his paws, wobbling about as though he can’t quite his balance. Many people no doubt looked at him and found that they just couldn’t deal with a kitten that couldn’t walk straight. This is beyond sad, it’s vastly unfair considering that aside from his condition Grant is a very happy and friendly little kitten.

Don’t feel too bad for him however, his condition might have chased a few people away, but that was before he met up with Emma Wheat. Up until that point the director the Atlanta Humane Society, Christina Hill, had done her best to play up Grant’s normalcy despite the condition, stating her desire for the kitten to live a normal life. The fact that he’s a bit tipsy isn’t enough in her opinion to let him miss out on finding a quality home. Thankfully another person wholeheartedly agreed with her.

Emma Wheat didn’t rush headlong into the adoption, but after meeting Grant and getting to know him for a minute or two, Emma went home and did her homework on Grant’s condition and what it would mean to take him into her home. Come next morning, Emma was the first person in line at the Human Society, a big smile on her face as she asked to adopt Grant then and there. She’d done her due diligence and found that not only was she able to take Grant into her home, she simply couldn’t wait any longer.

Having learned what she would need to do in order to keep up with his medical needs, Emma then made preparations for Grant to come home with her before ever making her way back to the Human Society. Emma even professed that she couldn’t sleep the night before adopting him, claiming that she was ready and more than willing to take Grant into her home.

Working as a music therapist to children that possess developmental disabilities, Emma has another reason for taking Grant into her home. While she was more than a little pumped to have a new companion in her life, she also recognized how Grant could help her and the children she works with to understand that having a disability doesn’t mean that one’s life needs to be seen as anything less than happy.

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It’s heartwarming to realize that there are such people in the world that truly wish to make a difference and love without reservation, not to mention without any type of bias that might blind them to the beauty of the world around them. Emma Wheat is an inspiration to many, as is Grant, and a perfect example of what it means to love without reservation.

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