10 Awesome Video Games Featuring Cats


We all know how big of an internet phenomenon cats are.   And we know that cats are increasing their presence both online as well as in the mobile world.  New apps come out every single day that relate to our feline friends.  But what about video games?  Have cats always been a part of gaming life?  To tell you the truth.  Not really.  At least not a featured part.   So we decided to dig through and find some video games that actually featured cats over the years.   Here are 10 awesome video games featuring cats…..


Alley Cat (Atari) – Players must guide the titular cat to a female cat which resides in an apartment, avoiding obstacles and completing mini-games on the way


Blinx: The Timesweeper (XBox) – 3D platform game in which players control the titular anthropomorphic orange cat. Blinx is the janitor of the Time Factory, the place where time is created and repaired, he is tasked with defeating monsters which are attempting to control the flow of time


Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space (XBox) – In this sequel Blinx and his time-sweeping cat colleagues are set against a gang of pigs who wish to manipulate time for their own purposes. Players can also control the pigs and use their unique time manipulation abilities


Claw (Windows) – Platform game starring Captain Claw, an anthropomorphic cat pirate, who must defeat the Cocker Spaniard Armada


Fur Fighters (PS2) – Third-person shooter, the player can control one of six animal characters, one of which is Juliette the cat. Each character has different abilities, all of which must be used to locate the kidnapped children on each of the game’s levels

Famicom Mini 08 - Mappy-2

Mappy (Atari) – Mappy the police mouse must bounce on trampolines to access different floors within 16 houses in this platform game. The objective is to recover 10 pieces of stolen loot from each house, which have been stolen by Goro the cat and the Meowky gang


Nyan Cat (XBox) – Nyan Cat flies, jumps, gravitates and toasters his way to adventure in the year 20XX. Produced by 21st Street Games, not to be confused with Techno Kitten Adventure


Rockin’ Cats (NES) – Platform game in which players control a cat named Willy and must rescue Jill, his girlfriend, from the crime boss Mugsy


Techno Kitten Adventure (XBox Live) – Side-scrolling video game where players control a kitten by adjusting its height in order to avoid crashing into the floor, ceiling or obstacles


Wizball (Atari) – An action game. A wizard’s homeworld is drained of color, so he takes control of the titular Wizball in order to defeat enemies and collect droplets of color.[11] The wizard’s magical cat, Nifta, controls a smaller craft called the Catelite. This craft collects the droplets as they fall

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