10 Cat Breeds That Love to Snuggle

Cats that love to cuddle

Not all cats love to snuggle and engage in a little cuddle-session, but some do. It’s not uncommon for many people to mistakenly believe that cats are not cuddly creatures that crave love and affection, but sometimes cats do come off like this. They hide when you have guests, they only want attention on their own terms, and too much snuggling can make them run away in fear. It happens; and it mostly depends on the cat’s upbringing and/or his or her particular breed.

Did you know that some cat breeds are a bit more snuggly than others, and some are far more aloof than others? If you are in the market for a new cat and you’re looking for one that loves to cuddle, we have a long list of cat breeds you might want to consider. Otherwise, you might not know whether or not your cat will love to snuggle as much as you do until it’s too late; and we don’t want that. Read on to find out which cat breeds are most likely to get up close and personal with you on the regular.


We love a hairless cat – and we do admit that it’s not quite hairless. This cat has hair, but it’s so short and fine that it’s not even visible to many people. You can feel it, though, when you pet a sphynx and realize it’s so soft and cuddly. It’s a good thing, too, because this is a breed that wants to cuddle all the time. Loving and very attentive, this cat breed wants to entertain you and seek your approval, so it will always be close.

Maine Coon

Of course the biggest cat in the domestic cat family would love to cuddle. This particular breed is a lot like a big teddy bear. It’s large and in charge, but it really just wants your time and attention. With a fun personality and a great ability to play patiently with kids, this is a cat breed that never turns down a chance to experience your love. It’s going to cause your lap to go numb since it’s so big, but it’s entirely worth every second without feeling.


This cat is a talker. It’s going to tell you that it wants you to stop what you’re doing and sit down so it can climb onto your lap and get comfortable. Of course, you’re going to have to figure out precisely how yours asks for things like this before you’re able to comply, but you’ll learn. This darling cat is good at what it does; and what it does is enjoy cuddling and being very people-oriented.


Big and beautiful, this cat has a lot of hair that needs to be brushed on a regular basis, but it’s soft and cuddly. It loves to cuddle, and it’s quiet about it. While some of the other cats on this list might be a bit more vocal, the Persian is going to demand your attention in a very quiet manner that makes it seem much more relaxed and relatable.

Egyptian Mau

Exotic to the core, this breed doesn’t look like it would be a snuggly cat, but it is. It looks like royalty with its gorgeous coloring and markings, but it’s a cat that loves its humans. It wants to cuddle, sleep with you and be all up on you whenever humanly possible, so get ready for some serious love and affection. The Egyptian Mau is a lover, and he even wags his tail much like a dog would do when it is happy.


This cat is called a lap lounger by many because it’s going to make itself at home right there as often as possible. You’re not going to find this cat ignoring you in favor of a chance to nap on a windowsill. No, this cat just wants to be close to you. In fact, it might even follow you around the house just waiting for you to sit or lie down so it can find a place on top of you to rest. It’s very cuddly and loving.


This is a bred that gets its name thanks to its ability to go completely limp when it is picked up. That does not mean, however, that the cat is not enjoying every second in your arms. It is. You’re going to find that you can cuddle this cat at anytime because it just loves to be close and be in your personal space. Loving and fun, it is also very sweet and good-natured with kids. It is one of the least aggressive breeds around, and it loves to be close.

Devon Rex

This cat is a charmer. It’s going to cause you to fall madly in love in moments, and you’ll never be able to change your heart. The moment it climbs into your lap and looks at you with its loving eyes, you’re a done deal for the Devon Rex. This is a cat that loves to sit on the shoulders and hang out, and it’s always up for a cuddle session in your lap no matter whether it was already in the middle of something when you ask it to come to you.

Cornish Rex

This particular breed loves humans and craves companionship. It’s a funny cat with a big personality, and it does love to spend some quality time with the people it lives with to share the love. If you take a few moments to get to know this breed, you will learn quickly that it’s a very happy cat that is able to learn tricks. It’s like a dog in a cat’s body, and that makes it really fun for those who have one of their own.


This is a cat with a very quiet personality that loves to follow its humans around. A better name for this breed would have been shadow, but apparently it was already taken by actual shadows. This cat loves to be where you are, and it loves to snuggle. If you can’t snuggle, it just wants to be as close as possible. It’s the ideal cat for a snuggler and a cuddler.

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