10 of the Funniest Stories about Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are not as common as your everyday house cat, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are still pets that many people have in their home. They are a hybrid breed derived from the domestic feline and the Asian leopard cat. The name Bengal cat comes from the fact that this particular feline greatly resembles a wild cat. Their large spots and rosettes as well as their large frame give them the appearance of a slightly wild cat, such as a Bengal tiger or a leopard. However, they’re nothing like the cats they resemble. They’re very calm, friendly and docile animals that make wonderful house pets. And they’re apparently funny animals.

Bengals are very active and personable, and they are often thought to have a somewhat hilarious personality. The internet is filled with stories about Bengal cats that behave like spoiled children or divas. It makes great reading, and hearing the funniest Bengal stories might even make you want to have a Bengal of your own.

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Bengal Kittens and a Feather Duster

This adorable video shows what it’s like to have a Bengal kitten. They are very playful, very intelligent and very obsessed with anything they find adorable. It’s completely hilarious to watch these six Bengal kittens as they attempt to watch a spinning feather duster. Their own posted the video after realizing that no matter what he does, the six kittens will stop what they are doing to sit down and watch the feather duster spin in the air, moment by moment. These adorable little cats are so intent on the duster that we can’t help but adore their cute video. Enjoy these six kittens on their mission.

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Bengal Cat and his Sushi

In this hilarious video, a small Bengal cat decides he wants some sushi. Apparently the fishy flavor of the roll is something that he finds addicting, so he works his hardest to try and steal his human’s sushi. It is adorable to watch the Bengal cat try to attack the container carrying the sushi while his person is eating it and working to shoo him away while he continuously tries to take the sushi from his owner. It’s a video that shows just how wild and demanding Bengal cats are by nature, and it’s fun to watch. Here it is for your enjoyment.

Bengal Cat Playing Dead

Ask a Bengal cat owner to tell you a little about his or her cat and they are likely to tell you that their particular animal is a bit of a drama queen. Bengal cats have an attitude a lot like a child – when they’re not happy, they will treat you poorly. They get over it quickly, but they don’t like to be told what to do and they certainly don’t like to be reprimanded for their poor behavior. In this video, we get to see the hilarious antics of a Bengal cat playing dead and making it near impossible for his owners to get him to walk or move at all. And the best part is that this Bengal cat is on a leash. This is another thing that many Bengal cat owners will attest to; their cats love to walk on leashes because they have far more dog qualities that cat qualities.

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Bengals in the Tub

Cats are not typically fans of the water. In fact, most cats will screech and run and tighten up and refuse to go into the water, which makes situations pretty awkward when a cat needs a bath. Fortunately or most pet owners, their cats really take care of their own hygiene. However, in this video we get to see to adorable Bengal cats playing and enjoying the bath, which is hilarious. They attack the water and their toys in the water with abandon. It doesn’t seem to bother them in the least that they are in the middle of the water with their toys, like it would most cats. In fact, it’s almost like watching a couple of puppies in the water playing with their toys.



Sydney is an 8-month-old Bengal cat that has some seriously funny personality traits. In fact, Sydney thinks that she is a dog. She does not relate at all to cats, only to does. She is very fond of taking her toys and hiding them in a manner similar to that of a dog, by burying them. Sydney also loves to play games with her human. Her game of choice is fetch. According to Sydney’s owner, she will spend hours fetching whatever her owner throws her way, and she will not hesitate to play at any point in time.



Alice is a Bengal cat that’s close to 2-years-old. Alice likes to spend her time focusing on the bath tub. Unlike most cats, who almost have a heart attack when the bath water is turned on, Alice loves the bath! Her person says she will come sit on the side of the tub or at the door of the shower as close as she can get to her human while she showers or bathes, and she will stare her down until she is finished, moving only to allow her human to exit the bath or shower. And this is not something that Alice does only on occasion. Alice does this at every single bath and every single shower, no matter what else she might have been doing at that given moment in time.



Richard is a 2-year-old Bengal who loves to walk around like a cool cat. He apparently thinks he looks a bit like the actors from Grease, and he will walk around the house with a Q-Tip in his mouth like he’s got a cigarette in it. Apparently, Richard didn’t get the memo that smoking is bad for his lungs. Or maybe he did, and that is why he sneaks into his human’s bathroom trash cans and removes them from the cans so that he can parade around the house with what his owners call a smirk with a used, dirty Q-Tip dangling from his feline face.



Max is a 6-month-old Bengal cat who just can’t get along with his dog. In this funny account of Max and his dog, Max takes on the dog by attacking him, even when the dog nips gently back. We have to give the dog credit for not actually harming the cat considering he is significantly larger than the cat. However, Max just won’t let it go. He doesn’t like the fact that the dog is trying to get on the chair with him, so Max just attacks him to make sure that he leaves him alone. It’s hilarious hearing about the cat try to take on the dog for several minutes in a war that simply can’t be won by a cat – unless the dog stays passive.



One of the funniest stories about Bengal cats is about a four-and-a-half year old Bengal by the name of Diego. Diego’s owner posted a story about Diego and his little bit of a diva temper on the internet and it’s definitely a funny story. Diego’s owner adopted him when he was about a year old from a local animal shelter. The cat had been abused and was a bit of a challenge when his owner brought him home. However, it didn’t take long for Diego to make himself at home and become the diva of the family. When he lets his mischievous side out and he gets in trouble, he is scolded. When his people tell him that he’s behaving like a bad kitty, Diego will give them the cold shoulder. He will lift his head, spin around and sit down next to his human by sitting down and completely ignoring his human until his temper tantrum has passed and he’s ready for something to snack on or play with. Having Diego around the house is similar to having a scolded child around the house. They’re mad at you for their bad behavior!


When you look at Bengal cat blogs and websites, it’s hilarious to read to crazy antics of these sweet and good-natured cats. One such cat owner describes the Bengal he found beneath a friend’s shed almost five years ago. The small kitten was only a few weeks old, and he had no other cats nearby so his new person decided to take him home and adopt him. He named him Schroeder, and he and Schroeder share a unique bond. For the past five years, the duo wakes up together and makes breakfast together. Schroeder’s human makes eggs (over easy) and bacon. One day, Schroeder’s human made him scrambled eggs instead and he swears that his cat gave him the most disgusted, judgmental look he’s ever seen – even more so than a disgusted human being. It just goes to show that even cats have good taste.

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