The Top 20 Cat Names of 2017

Sometimes it can take a while to find the perfect name for your new cat. There is a lot that goes into making the decision. This is especially true if you don’t know your new feline very well. Once you become familiar with their personality, it gets a lot easier. Often, a name will arise from the way that the cat interacts with you or it might have something to do with the way that they play, the way that they look or something else that conjures a name that relates to them. Cats are amazing creatures and they deserve a name that fits them. It’s also common for a cat to remind their new owners of a famous celebrity cat or even a human. If you’re having trouble finding a name for your kitty, we have some suggestions.

We hope that you find our list of the top twenty cat names for 2017 helpful.

1. Tiger

Tiger is a very popular name for cats who are orange and who have stripes. Some breeds really do resemble tigers. It is also a good choice if your kitty has a fierce look about them, or perhaps is very feisty and likes to pounce a lot. Another variation of the name is “Tigger” like the character from Winnie The Poo. Tigger likes to bounce and if your cat is bouncy, this name might just work.

2. Mittens

Mittens is a name that is usually reserved for felines that have white markings on their paws. The name describes what the cat looks like. If the kitty wanders off and you tell people that you’ve lost your black cat name mittens, they will naturally assume that the cat has white feet and it can actually help in your search. Plus, the name also rhymes with kittens.

3. Boots

Boots is another popular name this year cats with white marking on their feet. Sometimes the way that a at is marked will look more like they are wearing boots than mittens. If they lack markings on the front paws, but have them on the back, then this is an excellent choice. Another reason you might want to choose this name is if the cat likes to chew on your boot laces. It’s common for kittens to do this, especially when they’re teething.

4. Bobby

Bobby is a name that is given to cats who have a bobbed tail. Other variations of the name include Bob and Robert. Granted it is a bit on the humorous side, but cats love to play and it’s good to be playful with them. You may also want to consider Robby as another variation of the very popular name Bobby.

5. Cuddles

Cuddles is an old standard name for cats that are fuzzy or who love to snuggle. It has been a popular name for many years. It’s still one that is widely used in 2017. If you have a kitty who is soft, friendly and loves to cuddle, then this is a good name to consider. Unless you’re trying to be ironic, you should probably avoid giving this brand to a cat who doesn’t like to be touched.

6. Ginger

Ginger is a name that implies that the kitty is sweet, a little spicy or red/orange in color. The sound of the name conjures images of soft and warm colors. It is also a term that is use to describe action, as in gingerly. This name is popular among cat owners and it would work great for a pet that has a somewhat docile nature, and has a coat color that is in the orange, brown or red range.

7. Dimples

Dimples is another popular name that is appropriate for cats who look like they actually have dimples. The wonderful thing about kitties is that they come with a variety of different markings. Their appearance helps to shape the way we choose their names in many instances. If your cat has a few dimples here and there, this name could work. Even if it doesn’t it’s a really cute name that makes people think of sweet little girls smiling brightly and showing their dimples.

8. Tabby

Tabby is a name that is used a lot. In particular, it fits cats that are actually Tabbys. Some variations of the name also include Tabitha for girls or Tab for boys. Tibs is another variant that is commonly used.  However, it’s important to note that not only Tabby owners are using this name.  It’s becoming more popular among every cat breed out there.  So don’t have any shame in picking this name!


9. Garfield

Yes, we realize that this name is taken by a very famous cat, but some big orange cats are dead ringers for the famous cartoon star. Garfield implies that the cat has a real attitude. This makes it a great choice for a cat that meets all of the criteria regarding its appearance and its temperament. When you tell guests your cat’s name, they won’t have to wonder if he likes to play, or prefers to sit around and eat lasagne. (Just kidding, lasagne actually isn’t a healthy food for cats).

10. Sammy

We’re not quite sure why this is such a popular name for cats, but it is. There are a lot of kitties running around with this name or with one of its variants. Most are nicknamed Sam, but we’ve heard different takes on Sammy such as Samuel for males and Samantha for females. Another benefit of the name is that it is short and easy for a new kitten to remember. They will learn a short name, such as Sam, much quicker than a longer one. It’s a good idea to stick with one version of the name so you don’t confuse them though.

11. Simba

Simba is a name that is fairly common for cats. It implies that they may have a little wildcat in them. If your kitty is feisty, loves to play and acts like they are stalking their prey, this name may be quite suitable. It also has a bit of a regal tone, such as Simba, the leader of the pride. Another reason that you might choose this name is if your cat even remotely resembles a lion. It’s a bit on the exotic side because it makes people think about big cats who hunt the African Savannas.

12. Jingles

Jingles is another name that is heavily used for domestic cats. Have you noticed the sound that a cat makes when it walks around wearing a collar with a bell on it? You got it! The bell makes a jingling sound and some owners have chosen this name after they’ve had their kitten a few days because they know where he is at by the sound that he makes when he moves. Cats also love to play with toys that make jingling noises. There are a lot of different reasons why pet owners choose this name.

13. Squeaker

This may not be a cute or particularly attractive name, but it is a favorite among cat owners. Some cats have very high squeaky voices. This is particularly true of the Siamese varieties. They are big talkers and the pitch of their voices makes it sound as though they are squeaking at you instead of meowing. Another reason that you might decide to choose this name is if your cat loves to play with squeaky toys. It would definitely fit. Another variation of the name Squeaker is also Squeak or Squeaky.

14. Bubbles

Bubbles is also a name that is used a lot. It’s generally given to kittens who have a bubbly nature or personality. It describes them to a tee. It’s a favorite for females because it is a light and feminine name that is the most suitable for kitties that have a sweet and playful disposition. If your cat is bubbly, then this may be the right name for her. If you are considering this name but are not quite sure about it, you might want to try an experiment. Blow a long line of bubbles into the air in front of your kitty and watch what she does. If she has a great time trying to catch them, you might get your answer. It’s all in the connection that the potential name has for a kitty.

15. Bandit

It is rare that you get a cat that has the markings of a bandit, but if you do, then this is absolutely the perfect name for him or her. When there is a darker shading around the eyes, it makes it look as though your cat is wearing a mask. There are some breeds that tend to have this appearance more than others. You might also want to consider this name if your cat has stolen your heart, because that is something that a bandit might do. The name is easy to say and it will also be easy for your kitty to learn. Cats have a tendency to steal your personal belonging so they can play with them at their leisure. If you’re finding your stuff in the cat’s hangout, then you most likely do have a bandit on your hands.

16. Kitkat

Kitkat is also among the top cat names for 2017. It’s an easy name for your kitten to remember and it sounds like a wonderful term of endearment. Kitkat is short for kitty cat. There are some really great variations of this name that are in use as well. They include Miss kitty, kitka, and kit. Kit is the variation that would would best for a tom cat because it is a masculine name.

17. Patches

Patches is one of the most popular names for cats who have color variations that look like patches. Many pet parents who own calicos or tortoise shell colored kitties also use this name because it describes what they look like. Another reason that you might choose this name is if your cat has patch like markings around their eyes. Some variation of the name patches could also include Pat or Patch, if the markings are over one eye, or if there is just one solitary patch.

18. Tom

Okay, so this name has been around forever. It is truly a standard name for a male cat and there are some very good reasons why it is one of the top choices for male cats. Let’s begin with the fact that male cats are referred to as Tom cats. In pop culture, it is used to describe some people who can’t seem to stay home. They are said to be “out tom-catting around.” Tom cats like to go out and explore their neighborhoods and they frequently make long journeys that last a day or more unless they are neutered. If your boy cat is a wanderer or if he has not been neutered, he is in reality a tom cat. If the name fits, use it!

19. Princess

As it goes for cat names, Princess is right up there with as a top choice for females, as Tom is for males. Princess has been a popular name for years and here are some of the reasons why. First of all, it lends a regal heir to your kitty. Some cats have a natural elegance and touch of class about them. The girls who have it all, truly do act like little princesses. This name is particularly heavily used for kitties with long white coats and a gentle yet somewhat aloof nature. If you are the owner of a cat that acts like they are royalty, then this may be the best choice for you. It is also common for people who name their cats princess, to add a name after wards, e.g Princess bubbles, Princess Tiara, Princess Ginger, and so forth.

20. Whiskers

Okay, so we arrive at the top name on our lists for 2017 cats. Whiskers is the most popular name in history and it hasn’t diminished in it’s popularity. This one is really a no-brainer, but it is more appropriate for some cats than for others. Have you ever seen a cat with unusually long whiskers and eye guards? These are the ones that make the best candidates for the name. In addition, cats with diverse coloring that makes their whiskers stand out, look like a whiskers. It’s certainly something to consider as you ponder the limitless possibilities for naming your kitty. Some variants of this name are Mr. Whiskers, Miss Whiskers and Misses Whiskers.

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