11 Awesome Toys for Your Cat that Are Nearly Free


If any of you have pets or young kids you’ll find a similarity between the two.  Have you ever noticed that often times when your child receives a gift they tend to like the package or the wrapping more than the gift itself?  It’s one of life’s little ironies that we’ll probably never figure out.   Well the same goes for your cat.   Many times your cat likes to play with ordinary household items instead of the fancy toys you’re trying to find.   So we decided to share a fun list of toys you can get your cat nearly free of charge.  Here are 11 awesome toys for your cat…..

Cat Gifts

Craft Paper or Paper Bags – Paper has been a favorite of cats everywhere since the invention of paper. It’s cheap, fairly easy to clean up and it keeps them amused for hours. Some cats are particular and like wrapping paper. Go figure.


Really Big Shoelaces – Yes it’s simple but it’s a string. No cat can resist a moving string or shoelace for that matter. Often the simplest toys are the favorite toy in the house. Cats just like to make fun of us for buying the expensive stuff.


An Empty Box – Did you know there’s an entire website devoted to cats in boxes? Often times they’ll prefer an empty box to a bed.


Ball of String or Yarn – similar to the shoelaces before, cats just love string. They love to play with it, twirl it, eat it, you name it. Just be careful and watch them when they do play with string.

feather_stick_diy (14)

Feather Sticks – Feather sticks are pretty popular. Shockingly enough most of the cats love them when they get down to a chewed up nub with one sad little feather left.


Plastic Bottle with a Fish Weight Inside – Drop a half ounce fishing weight into an empty bottle. Screw the cap back on and you have endless fun!


Plastic Bottle Cap – Cats love to use these like hockey pucks. Just make sure they don’t eat them!

20110627 Luxington Paintbrush (8)

Brushes for Paint or Pastries – One day you may have bought bristle style pastry brushes to use while baking. Maybe one day one of them found its way to the floor. Before you know it, you’re cat is in toy heaven.


Toilet Paper Roll – Take the empty roll of toilet paper and duct tape one end closed. Take some loose change, whatever is in your pocket from the day and put it inside the roll. Now tape the other side and skid it across the floor. Endless fun!


Puff Balls – Who doesn’t love puff balls?


Empty Can of Fish Oil – An empty can of fish oil is a cat’s best friend. The smell alone will keep the cat entertained for hours. The shape and size of the can will also allow for it to slide and glide around hardwood floors or rugs with ease.

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