10 Ways to Tell If Your Cat Hates You


My cat hates me. No, really; he hates me. My cat has never been the same to me since our dog tried to eat him two days before Christmas. He knows it was my fault and the blame has been placed. I brought home a dog that afternoon, the cat attacked it, the dog retaliated and the cat ended up with collapsed lungs and a myriad of other medical issues. He wasn’t expected to live through the night, but here he is almost 8 months later living it up and thriving. He hates me, though. I tried to remind him I’m the one that took him to the vet right away and got rid of the dog (what was I supposed to do after our small kids witnessed this and didn’t want anything to do with the dog again?) but he’s not having any of it. Of course, he’s probably kind of validated in his hatred of me, but other cats are just mean and hate their owners and others for the fun of it. Read on to find out if your cat exhibits any of the signs that certainly speak to the fact that it hates you.

You can see it in his eyes

Let’s be honest. When a cat hates you, you can see it in his eyes. You can see the hatred. It’s right there. It’s the narrowed eyes, the glint of anger and annoyance. It’s the curled up lip paired with all of the above. It’s just all of it. When a cat sees someone it hates, it makes sure that the hatred is in its eyes. There’s judgment and annoyance so blatant that you cannot even miss it. That’s how you know your cat hates you.

The hissing has increased

Your cat used to be friendly and nice. Okay, so maybe it just ignored you in the way that cats do, but at least it wasn’t outright mean. Now, though, the cat is plain old mean. I mean, mean. It hisses at you when you walk by. Combine this with the narrowed eyes and the look of hatred it has going on there and you just cannot win. This is a cat that has been offended by your actions.

He’s been drawing blood

It’s so cute when your little animal friend licks you and paws at you, but when those sweet little paws are suddenly fierce, violet and drawing blood like no one’s business, it’s a little bit less adorable. In fact, it’s downright terrifying. So that is why we try really hard not to consider the fact that these “sweet” little animals are not, in fact, nearly as sweet as they like us to think. They don’t like us anymore.

The struggle is real

Nothing you do with the cat is without struggle anymore. Seriously, picking him up involves a knock-down, drag out fight that you cannot escape from. You cannot get the cat to do anything easily anymore. Even if you want to just knock the cat off a counter or something it’s not supposed to be on top of, he will put up a fight. He used to just get down and give you a look like, “I’ll be back up there. You did not win this one, human,” and now it plain fight club attacks.

He lays on your face while you sleep so you cannot breathe

There is this very old myth that cats will do this thing where they lay on top of your face and plug your nose and mouth when you sleep so that you suffocate in your sleep. Perhaps it’s a Stephen King thing. I want to say I remember this from “Pet Cemetery” or something of that nature. That’s not the point, though. The point is that your cat is suddenly on your face, or very close to it, when you sleep all of a sudden. It’s a little scary.

He’s made it his personal mission to rub up against your legs at every opportunity to trip you

Some people see this as a sweet gesture of affection. It is not. This is a cat that wants you to die. This cat wants to rub up against you to make it look like an accident when you trip and fall and die. It’s not something that your cat wants you to know, of course, but you’ll notice all of a sudden that this is happening all the time. Your cat never did this before.

He’s taken to jumping off high surfaces when you least expect it

Our cat has been getting on top of our uppers in the kitchen and jumping in front of me, behind me, around me and all over the place all of a sudden. It’s like he wants me to have a heart attack and actually die of terror. It’s really working, too, since the cat has made me fall over in fear and terror a few times. I will not let him win.

The biting suddenly hurts

The sweet playful little nips and bites your cat used to give to you, yeah, they’re not so sweet anymore, are they? No, because the cat is actually trying to injure you, to kill you, until you die. That’s how he rolls these days and it is not awesome. Sorry about your luck on this one, people.

He eats your stuff

Cats aren’t dogs; they don’t eat people stuff. They don’t tear up books and shoes and toys and stuff you have in your home. When the cat starts doing this, it’s because he no longer feels happy feelings for you and he wants you to suffer.

That look after defiant behavior

When the cat gets into trouble for misbehaving, he suddenly makes it his mission to give you a look of pure triumph. There was a time in the past when he might have done something a little bit more respectable, such as have the good manners to at least look as if he regrets his actions. No, not anymore.

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