The 20 Most Annoying Things About Owning Cats

Cat lovers around the world will all agree that their pets bring them joy and entertainment, and they wouldn’t trade them for anything. Having said this, they also have some very irritating habits. There are things that cats do that range from mildly annoying to nearly maddening, but the next moment, they do something that makes the anger subside. These loving creatures have the ability to make you laugh and smile for hours. They are also therapeutic, clinically proven to lower heart rates and blood pressure. Cats have so many redeeming qualities that it’s easy to overlook their less endearing habits. With all due respect to our feline friends, here are the 20 most annoying things about owning cats.

Cats like to take charge

Most cats come to you as sweet little kittens that steal your heart and make you think that they can do no wrong. As they grow and mature, many of them develop a take charge attitude. They like to rule the roost and unless you are firm in training your cat, it will treat you as though you are the pet and it is the owner. While there are times when this behavior can be amusing, it can be highly annoying. This is particularly true when your cat tries to boss you around. They may not speak the English language, but your cat knows how to communicate with you. If you’re not a cat owner, you may not get this, but anyone who is knows exactly what we’re talking about.

You suddenly have a second shadow

Despite their reputations for being aloof and somewhat detached creatures, cats really are dependent on their owners, and some are even clingy. Cats go through phases when they feel the need to stick to their owners like glue. Sometimes it’s nice to have the companionship and attention, but when you want some alone time, and your cat is feeling clingy, you may not be able to escape. They are known to follow their special person everywhere they go, including the bathroom, the laundry room, the bedroom and any other room in the house. It can get annoying when all you want is a little time to yourself. Your cat won’t care about that because when he’s in cling mode, it will be hard to ditch him.

They are a tripping hazard

You can go along for days or even weeks without tripping over your cat. He may be perfectly content to mind his own business for long stretches of time. Then it happens…he goes into a needy mode and suddenly, he’s consistently under your feet. Nearly every cat owner has gone through these exasperating moments, and it’s usually at a time when you’re stressed out to begin with, compounding the situation. It’s important to understand that your cat isn’t trying to get under your skin or to cause bodily injury. They are emotionally sensitive animals and when you are stressed, they sense that something is wrong. Cats feel anxiety too and when their favorite person is off, they instinctively gravitate towards you to make sure that everything is okay. Sometimes, the only way to get close to a busy owner who is on the move, is to rub up against your legs, and when you’re already in motion, and distracted with other things on your mind, you may not see the cat that’s just trying to get your attention to see what’s the matter. A lot of swear words have been uttered by cat owners who have either stepped on their beloved pet or nearly broken their necks trying to avoid it.

Cats will argue with you

If you’re a cat owner you know that the more talkative varieties know how to stand their ground. And they do so vocally. When your cat first engages in a verbal argument with you it’s a novelty and it’s downright hilarious, but as time goes by, the attitude can wear thin. Vocal kitties will talk back when you scold them for something that they shouldn’t have done. Cats can be stubborn and when your cat is comfortable with you, he will talk back. Some of these conversations can go on for a long time, and when you exit the room, don’t be surprised if your cat follows you to keep the argument going. When it goes on for a while, it can become quite annoying.

They will chew on your body

This isn’t actually as terrible as it sounds, but it can be very annoying. Cats like to chew, perhaps not as much as dogs, but some are really horrible with this habit. When you’re playing with your cat, he is likely to chew on your fingers. One of our cats had a fetish for hair. He would chew on anyone’s hair that he could, leaving a big slobbery spot. It’s kind of gross and cats who have a chewing fetish can become quite vigorous, and although they’re not trying to hurt you, if you allow them to continue, it can get too rough. Most cats will learn that they’re not supposed to do this if you use the right training techniques, but some are so bullheaded that nothing can dissuade them. One of the worst things about this habit is that they are even apt to chew on your hair or socks while you’re trying to take a nap. Definitely one of the more annoying things that a cat can do to a human.

Cats like to lick people

Getting licked by the sandpaper rough tongue of a cat can be torturous. Not all cats are lickers, but most give it a try. If your skin is salty, or if you just came out of the bath or shower seems to be when they are the most interested in licking you. Some people believe that it’s a sign of affection, while others believe it’s their way of getting back at you for some perceived wrong. If you haven’t been licked by the rough tongue of a cat, then you probably don’t own one. Double getting your face scraped by a piece of wet sandpaper with the foul smell of their breath, which is usually fish flavored cat food, and it’s really not much of a treat.

They jump on top of you

Cats love to jump on top of you whether you’re sitting in a chair, reclining on a couch, lying in your bed or standing at the kitchen sink doing dishes. They are professional maulers and they will walk all over the top of you. Cats are also rollers. If you’re wearing your favorite sweater, you’d better have a lint brush ready because they will push and roll on your lap until they find a comfortable position. Cats are also famous for springing off of ledges and shelves and landing on your shoulders. It’s nice to be loved, but cats will push you to the edge with their need to be on you at all times.

They wake you up at all hours

Cats don’t really have a certain time that they value over another when it comes to play. If the mood strikes them, and you’re asleep, well, too bad. This is one of the most annoying things that cats do to people. It doesn’t matter if you’re just trying to catch an afternoon nap, or if you’ve turned in for the night. Your cat decides when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time for you to wake up and give them some attention. Play isn’t the only reason that they wake you up. If their food dish or water bowl is empty, it won’t matter to them what time it is. Their incessant crying will force you out of bed to investigate what’s going on. It seems like cats will find any reason to deprive you of your sleep.

They are the things that go bump in the night

For whatever reason, cats love to play hard in the middle of the night. After all the lights are out and the house is quiet, you’ll swear that a burglar has broken in and is rummaging through your things. Cats are generally smaller animals, but they certainly can make a lot of noise. Be prepared for them to jump on counter tops while you’re snug in your bed. If there is anything lying around that they can possibly knock over, night time is their favorite time to do it. You can also hear them running up and down the halls and making loud bumping and knocking noises as they jump up and down, or bat an object around the floor. If you put a bell on your cats collar, you’ll hear it jingling at odd times throughout the night. It’s annoying until you get used to it. At first, you may feel inclined to get up and make sure that there isn’t an intruder in the house, but in time, you’ll learn that it’s just the cat being obnoxious again.

They meow at the worst possible times

If you have a baby in the house, you can count on your cat to make racket just as soon as you put the baby down for a nap. They are experts at meowing loudly and waking up small children. You may wonder, how do they know? Some cat owners think that it’s just a coincidence, while others believe it to be a sinister act of passive aggression. Perhaps extreme quiet in the house bugs them at it’s a signal that it’s time to liven things up. It seems as though cats only use their loud voices when it’s the most inconvenient for you, but when you weigh all the benefits that they bring into your life, this annoying habit is a small trade off.

They can creep you out with their stares

Most cat owners would have to agree that their cats have a real staring problem. It’s entertaining to try and guess what they’re thinking when those large eyes narrow and bead down on you. It would be one thing if your cat stared at you with admiration and an expression of love on their faces, but this is never the case. Most stares are creepy to say the least, and they either look at you as though you are their inferior, or like they’re really ticked off and thinking about taking you out. If you are the type of person who enjoys a good scare, then try watching a horror movie, then try sitting under the heavy stare of your cat. You’ll swear it’s become possessed or is watching some supernatural presence that only cats can see. Cat stares can be really creepy if not frightening.

Cats head butt you

Hands down, one of the most annoying things your cat can do is to give you a head butt. Almost every cat owner has been the victim of this and it isn’t much fun. A light bump is one thing, but cats can get a little too carried away with this and coming head to head with a frisky cat can be painful. It doesn’t seem to phase them much, but you could end up with a bruise or a small knot on your forehead. In a side note, it also hurts like heck when they bang you on the cheek-bone with their hard fore heads. In case you’re wondering why a cat does this, it is simply an aggressive act in order to get your full attention.

They drag their butts across the carpet and your arm

While we were hesitant to bring this gross behavior into the conversation, it’s definitely one that is high up on the list of annoying things that they do. When a cat’s butt itches, they have no problem with dragging it across your carpet or floor right in front of you. They have no decorum about it and no qualms. One of the worst things that cat owners experience is when their cat drags their butt across a bare arm or across your pant legs. They are also terrible about doing a total walk-around while on your lap, then turning so their butt is directly in your face. It’s horribly gross, but it’s also important to realize that the cat doesn’t realize how awful it is.

You see paws creeping underneath your door

It’s kind of cute when your kitten puts his paws under your door for the first few times, but it gets old fast. There isn’t a cat on the planet that doesn’t do this. Most owners have figured out that the cat is just trying to freak them out. You can’t even escape the critters by locking yourself in a room away from them. There are a couple of reasons that they do this. The first is that they are trying to get your attention, and the second is that they are trying to find a way to get the door open so they can see what you’re doing, and get inside with you. Once you become a cat owner, plan on becoming the personal property of your kitty. This is just one more creepy and annoying habits of cats.

They jump out and scare you

All cat owners have gone through this. If you’ve watched a spooky show on TV, and go into a dark kitchen to get a snack, something jumps out at you from the darkness. You’re relieved when you discover that it was just the cat, but annoyed when it keeps happening. These natural pouncers dearly love going into stealth mode and silently stalking you unawares. They spring on you at just the right moment and it can scare the life out of you. It doesn’t even have to be dark for them to pull this stunt. This one is high on the list of annoying things that cats do to their owners.

You can’t enjoy a relaxing bath

All cats are guilty, but Siamese breeds are the worst. You’ve had a rough day, you don’t feel like playing with the cat, and all you really need to do is to relax in a nice hot bath, perhaps with a few candles lit for atmosphere. This isn’t going to happen if your cat has anything to do with it. Cats are famous for trying to force their way into the bathroom with you, so they can pester you about when you’re going to get out and give them the attention that they demand. It’s really hard to relax when they’re meowing at the top of their lungs. Forget lighting any candles, because they’ll knock them over just to be obnoxious. If you leave them outside off the door, you’re never going to hear the end of it because they’ll cry and possibly even scratch on the door until you let them in. Face it, you’ll be lucky if you ever get to enjoy a relaxing and quiet bath again.

They beg for food

Go ahead and try to stare into those big, innocent looking eyes and eat a snack in front of your cat. They can muster the most pathetic looks imaginable and it can make you feel like a real heel if you don’t share it with him. You know that it’s a bad habit to form and that not all human foods are good for cats, but they certainly know how to wear you down. It’s annoying that you can’t even sit down, relax and enjoy a nice snack without being guilted over it. There is a good solution for the problem though. Keep some healthy and tasty kitty snacks on hand. Both you and kitty can enjoy a nice snack together with no harm done.

They will sneeze in your face

Should this be number one on the list? Many cat owners think so. If your kitty gets the sniffles or has a bout of allergies, they don’t care where they’re at or who’s face their in. They’ll sneeze right into your face. This is possibly one of the nastiest and grossest things that a cat can do to their owners, but they don’t seem to see it that way. It’s really no big deal to the cat, until they get bawled out for it. They won’t understand why you’re making such a big deal of it.

They kick litter out on the floor

It doesn’t matter if you buy a litter box with a lip, high sides or a “spill-proof” feature, your cat will find a way to kick at least some of his litter out onto the floor. This is one of the reasons why some cat owners refuse to use one, and train their cats to toilet outside. They can be really messy to clean up and you know in your heart that the litter is filled with nasty germs that could make you sick. Your cat doesn’t care. He’s going to do his business and kick the litter around until he’s satisfied that the mess is well-covered inside of the box. He isn’t concerned about what may get outside of the box because that is your domain, and if you don’t like it you can clean it up yourself.

They burrow under the covers

The only time that a cat burrowing beneath your covers at bedtime is okay, is when it’s chilly in the room. They do make great bed warmers. At all other times, it’s really annoying when the cat climbs into bed with you and makes its way to the bottom of the covers. When they arrive at their destinations, usually near your feet, they flip, flop, bite your toes and keep you awake until you dig them out and make them go to their own beds. Cats can be stubborn and it seems like when you’re in bed and ready to fall asleep, this is the time that they want to make like moles and tickle your legs with their fur. They even do it when you’re asleep just so they can wake you up.

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