How to Prepare Your Life and Home for a Blind Cat

Blind Cats

Whether it’s due to injury, trauma or a matter of birth, there are many cats in the world without eyesight that need a loving home in which to call their own. Just because these cats cannot see does not make them any less amazing or wonderful, and it only means that they need to have a loving home in which they can reside with people willing to care for them. Blind cats are just like cats with eyesight, only they cannot see. They are still loving and affectionate, they still like to lie in the warmth by windows and doors, and they still like to play, cuddle and love their humans. A blind cat is a grateful cat, too, because he knows that the person who took him in really does want to spend their time with him.

However, not anyone and everyone is equipped to handle a blind cat. For instance, were you aware that a blind cat is usually one with very impressive senses aside from its vision? Additionally, were you aware of the fact that a blind cat is one that is quite adept at handling new situations and adapting to new locations very well? I know; you’re asking why you need to prepare your home and your life for a blind cat if it is so good at these things and so capable. Like welcoming any new member to your family, there are a few things that just make life easier all around for your new cat and your family when you prep in advance. We want the transition into your family to be as sweet and seamless as possible, so we’re offering you a few tips in advance.

Keep the House Clean

Some might ask that you keep a blind cat’s life consistent, but I’m asking that you keep your house clean. When your cat becomes familiar with the location of everything in your home, make sure it stays there. This means keeping your house free of clutter and debris; don’t let it get messy so that your cat feels lost or out of sorts. Additionally, you don’t want to do too much in terms of changing your cat’s environment on a regular basis or else you will cause him or her to feel lost and out of sorts. Instead, work hard to keep things as consistent as possible. It’s going to make your life a lot easier and a lot more bearable for your cat to always know where things are. Remember; your cat might love to jump off the couch and onto the floor when he hears you coming, but if you move the coffee table in front of the couch unexpectedly, he could injure himself.

Keep the Toilet Lid Down

If you live with a man (woman or child) that likes to make it a habit to leave the toilet seat up, go ahead and make sure that habit stops now. Do you want your sightless cat to fall into the toilet and drown? You don’t; we know this. Let’s work hard to ensure that this does not happen. Cats are very interested in finding water wherever they can, and we don’t want your cat to misjudge where he or she is jumping and end up drowning. It’s just far safer to have the lid down at all times, even if that means putting up a sign for your family to see so that they don’t make the mistake of forgetting.

Blind Cats Need to Stay Indoors

Some cats are fine living half indoors and half out. However, a blind cat really does not belong in the great outdoors. This is a cat that cannot see what’s happening around him, and that puts him at an unnecessary risk. Just imagine what might happen if your cat wanders in front of a tractor mowing the lawn or takes a nap in a street thinking it’s the driveway and gets hit by a car. Sure, his other senses are on point, but it really is just dangerous. Additionally, there are a number of predators lurking in the great outdoors that might pose threatening to your feline friend, and those are not worth the risk.

Put Baby Gates at Stairs

It’s dangerous to have a stairway in your home with a blind cat. He or she cannot see the stairs and will have a difficult time navigating them at times. It’s not so bad when you are at the bottom of the steps, but it becomes a dangerous hazard when you are at the top of the steps. Should your cat make the mistake of miscalculating where that top step is, it could fall down the stairs and become very injured. You don’t want this, so let’s take a moment to block off the stairs from every which direction.

Make Noise

Nothing is more frightening to a cat than a sudden noise that startles them. Don’t be the quiet type that sneaks up on the cat regularly, causing him to become alarmed and nervous. Instead, work very hard to make just enough noise that your cat knows you are there and is not too afraid when you come in. We know you like to keep it quiet in the mornings when the kids are asleep and you are enjoying those last few moments of peace and quiet, but you have to make sure your cat knows you are there. And that means making enough noise so that she hears you coming and is not startled if you pick her up suddenly.

Show her Love

With any cat that comes into your life, you have so show your new feline friend love and affection. Nothing is going to make her feel more comfortable and at ease than knowing that she has been adopted by a family that will love her and treat her kindly at all times. It makes her comfortable and reminds her that she is special to you. Show her the love, show her the affection, and relax; she’s a cat that will love you and you don’t have to impress her.

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