20 Cats Who Look Like Game of Thrones Characters

Game of Thrones is a fantasy TV drama series that includes several plot lines that highlight fictional Westeros and Essos continents. Many fans of the show have characters with whom they identify and ones they love to see. It is one of the most interesting shows with unique characters whose appeal has gotten many addicted to its plot line. But have you ever thought about placing any of these characters against some animal to paint the similarities or even highlight how they compare? Cats are the most ideal choice for such a comparison and here are few cats that resemble GOT characters that you will find amazing:

Davos Seaworth

Who thought there would be any cat to resemble the aggressive Davos Seaworth? Well, this here is one example and an interesting one that you might want to look at. There are few things that draw this comparison and make the two faces similar. First, the color on both the cat and the face of Davos matches and this is not just its overall pallet, but the pattern highlighted where gray intertwines with some black around the face. Additionally, their eyes which are set to highlight seriousness are a point to look at if you want to draw a clear comparison between the two. Davos appears as a reformed smuggler and he is the one who gives Stanni’s forces the provisions they need while undertaking a siege of Storm’s End. His position in the series is one of an individual who is always up to the challenge and he makes it worth the time.

Jorah Mormont

It’s easy to spot the similarity with this picture. Jorah and the cat share a lot of things that help to bring out the similarity between the two. First you will notice their eyes that look like copies of the other and before long you will be triggered by the color on both that rhymes even on Jorah’s jacket. Their facial expression is another aspect of the photo that makes the cat to have a lot of similarities with Jorah. One might imagine they were positioned willingly to make the comparison, but these are just random shots. Those of you who don’t know about Jorah Mormont he features as son to Jeor Mormont, a Lord Commander. He goes to exile where he lives in Essos and acts as Daenerys Targaryen’s adviser. He was initially meant to spy on her but with time he changes mind and devotes to her.

Arya Stark

Both are young and charming and as you can see, their faces look chubby. The cat particularly has some facial hair that overhangs the face, which can be taken as a point of comparison when you place it against the face of Arya. Additionally, the chin area of the cat takes the same angle as that of Arya and to finalize the noses of the two have key similarities that you cannot overlook. In Game of Thrones, Arya Stark stars as a young daughter of the stark daughters and she has showcased her survival skills as she continues evading Lannister forces that go about looking for her. She finally arrives at the Red Wedding castle as she goes about looking for her brother and mother. Her character is of someone who is always passionate about her pursuit and she fights to see that her dreams are accomplished even in the face of the harshest challenges.

Viserys Targaryen

This is another cat that matches a GOT character, Viserys Targaryen. The brown hair on the cat is similar to the hair of Viserys and most important in this comparison is their faces, which have a similar build. The face of Viserys, when viewed from up down, moves from a wide presentation to a thin end at the bottom. This is also the case with the cat and their eyes are a contrast that is also heightened by the similarity between their noses. You could even argue that the mouth of both has a lot in similar, and these features combined make a striking comparison. In Game of Thrones, Viserys features as a second son to Aerys II Targaryen, who formerly ruled the Seven Kingdoms. He makes an appearance from the first season and his presence is key to enabling different events that take place in the kingdom.

George RR Martin

Here is another cat that brings a dramatic comparison between itself and George RR Martin of Game of Thrones. If the mustache is anything to go by, both take it and one thing you will notice is the hair around the chins of the cat that creates a strong resemblance between the mustaches of George Martin. Only spectacles miss on the part of the cat to make it completely similar, but even with this in mind, you will not ignore the caps on both that further contribute to the establishment of the comparison. George is a novelist who also does short stories. He has also contributed in fiction genres including Game of Thrones and most importantly he is a successful film producer. He has been contributing to the Game of Thrones and is part of the team that has always ensured the story flows as well as it does.


This is another interesting feature of a cat with similarities to a GOT character. The look of the face of Hodor can be explained simply by reading the expression made by the cat on the right. That aside, their faces are a replica of the other on many levels and one of the things you will notice is their mouths that seem to suggest that they had spotted something shocking. Do their eyes say something? I think to some extent they do offer a hint that would help advance the similarity. Hodor appears as a simple-minded mentally disabled person who despite having the ability to understand complex words can only utter the word Hodor. In Season 1, he welcomes the King as he arrives for an event that would lead to the recruitment of Lord Eddard who would take over as a Hand of the King.

Robert Baratheon

You will not pass this one once you spot it. The cat won it by the expression on its face and the crown on top of its head. But that’s not all as there is more that draws the comparison. Look at the eyes of both and you will notice some aspect of similarity that is interesting. The area around the jaws of the cat is also perfectly placed in contrast with that of Robert, and the two create some unison that is interesting. The cat seems to be thinking what Robert was also thinking about. This is one of the most accurate comparisons of a cat and a Game of Thrones character and it is awesome. Robert Baratheon holds a rather significant position in GOT as he is the ruling king of the Seven Kingdoms who also happens to be a good friend of Ned Stark. He was engaged to Lyanna, sister to Ned, and her abduction by Prince Rhaegar triggers Robert to initiate an uprising that would invade the throne.

Brienne of Tarth

What’s the cat staring at? Here comes another instance of comparison that captures key details just perfectly. First, the color of the hair of Brienne is something that will help to bring the comparison to life easily when you place it against the cat. Also consider the posture of both and you will see how well they compare, but more interesting is the sharp focus both characters uphold that speaks seriousness. In Game of Thrones, Brienne of Tarth features as the lady who prefers to be a knight and she is a committed fighter who is always serious about duty. She is the only living child of Lord Selwyn Tarth and she is tall as well as muscular for a woman. She grew up to become a skilled knight who is well equipped with the strength to pursue arms.

Tywin Lannister

This is an easy comparison to highlight. The cat is on many aspects similar to Tywin Lannister and the first thing you might notice is their eyes that form a key component of comparison that helps to bring out their similarities. The color of both is also something that adds on to the comparison and most importantly their nose areas as well as lips speak something about the comparison. It’s an interesting highlight of both photos and this is one of the best comparisons that highlight a cat that looks like a Game of Thrones character. For some background, you might want to know that Tywin is the richest person in Seven Kingdom who also happens to feature as a Lord to House Lannister. He is also a widower and has three children. He makes an appearance as the Hand of the King to Joffrey, his grandson.

Theon Greyjoy

I think the cat was captured just at the perfect moment and placed against the most appropriate character in GOT. As Theon appears strapped as a way to crucify him, the placement of the hands of the cat is another point of comparison that helps to heighten the factor of comparison being shared through the photos. Color saturation between the two was also captured well as it helps to highlight their bodies to make them more similar. Theon Greyjy formerly worked as a ward of House Stark and he is Lord Balon’s youngest son. Theon is at the scene when Will gets executed and he easily joined Robb his close friend to rebel against King Joffrey. When he returns to Pyke, he betrays the very family that raised him, which draws a bad picture about his personality and relationship with the people that matter most in his life.

Sansa Stark

Right there is a beautiful cat placed in comparison with an equally amazing character of Game of Thrones, Sansa Stark. Both have beautiful eyes and the texture of their color is something so adorable. What caught my attention is how well the lips of the cat have a semblance to that of Sansa and more perfectly positioned is their neck areas. The two seem to be confronting someone with courage. I think Sansa might love to have this cat as her pet as it helps to create a perfect image that creates a beautiful comparison between the two. Sansa is highlighted as the oldest daughter to Eddard Stark, the lord of Winterfell. She begins practicing her role with her naïve position about the world but with time she encounters betrayal and cruelty that hardens her as she also learns about life.


Whoever donned the cat with the hoodie did some amazing job as it helps to create a similarity with Melisandre of Game of Thrones. Both have flawless colors and are highlighted to be staring at something. The overall facial look on both creates a similarity that is interesting as their eyes complement the comparison. The lips of the cat put on the same scale with that of Melisandre also create something interesting. Also called the Red Woman, Miisandre appears as a Red Priestess representing the R’hllor religion and she is also a counselor to Stannis Baratheon as he pursues his campaign to take over the Iron Throne. She helps in the revival of Jon Snow who is murdered by some members of Night’s Watch and she therefore helps Jon has her adviser until she gets banished from the kingdom.


The Pycelle comparison with the cat is also interesting as it creates a perfect similarity between the two. One thing you will notice is the way their eyes which are yellow in color. The hair around the head of Pycelle is also easily compared to the one on the cat and their facial expression is also a statement that matches on both sides. Most importantly, their noses and lips also provide a reason to believe they were meant to appear similar. Pycelle acts as the Grand Master for different kinds and is a member in the small council. However, his loyaly truly lies in House Lannister and few moments before Qybum’s plan to destroy Great Sept of Baeolor goes through, he dies. This was a rebellion staged against the kingdom and it was expected he would have helped to bar it from proceeding successfully.

Oberyn Martell

The Oberyn Martell cat also serves to bring a key comparison that is more focused. There are many features that make them to have points of similarity and one of these is their eyes that are steadily fixed while staring at something. Another interesting part of the cat that matches perfectly with Oberyn Martell is its mouth, and the nose also fits well to enhance the similarity. Overall, the facial composition on both ends brings out a comparison that helps to show how well the two take after each other. Oberyn Martell is a Prince who is also nicknamed RRed Viper of Dorne. He once served as a member in the House Martell, which comprises of the ruling family in Dorne. He is also Dorna Martell’s youngest brother and he has a family with eight kids. Oberyn is popular for his fighting skills and as someone who has passionate temper as well as high sexual appetites.

Bran Stark

The person who shot the picture of the cat on the back of the other must have wanted to just recreate the moment highlighted where Bran Stark is carried on the back. Otherwise that coincidence must have been so strong not to ignore. This image creates an awesome imagery of the kind of behavior exhibited by Bran Stark who is often lovable and a cheeky individual who is also sociable. Both are relaxed as they enjoy the great comfort of lying on the back of their carriers. Usually referred to as Bran, Brandon Stark is second son to Eddard and he possesses supernatural powers that he sues to help his family battle it out against the White Walkers. His mother only referrers to him as Brandon after he does something wrong, otherwise he is cherished by his parents and he has a dream of becoming a knight and he practices his favorite hobby of climbing often.

Margaery Tyrell

Margaery Tyrell likes donning that gray dress and this matches her up well with the color of the cat on the picture. Apart from the dress matching the color of the cat, their posture and overall facial features form a similarity that is interesting and awesome. Look at their eyes and you will spot some similarities and their lips also say something about the two being similar in a way. The attentiveness on the cat compared to Margaery Tyrell’s also brings to picture a point of comparison that is interesting. In Game of Thrones, Margaery Tyrell appears as the sole daughter of Alerie Tyrell and she holds a close relationship with her brother Ser Loras who is a knight. She is described as being as beautiful as she is clever because she pursues her decisions with a lot of wisdom and calculation.

Tyrion Lannister

Who doesn’t love the character in Tyrion Lannister. Many will admit he is one of the most dramatic fellows in Game of Thrones and finding a cat that looks like him just serves to bring the comical part of his appearances. Just as short as Tyrion is, the cat also decided to match his height ratio, but particularly striking is their hairs. They also seem to be looking at something in the distance further emphasizing the comparison. Although Tyrion Lannister does not have the strength and height, he easily compensates with his aggressiveness. He is son to Tywin Lannister and as a dwarf, he utilizes his intellect to beat the prejudice directed towards him due to his lack of height and strength. Many refer to him using derogatory names like “the imp” or “the halfman” all due to his height. But he successfully mitigates this persecution by applying intellect and the power he derives from his family to beat those who want to pin him down.

Samwell Tarly

Just like his chubby face is showcased, the cat has perfectly taken after him. One might imagine both were staring at the same thing although the pictures are not related. Just as Samwell Tarly looks like someone who is staring in annoyance, the cat has also helped to mimic his posture and facial expression with key accuracy. Simply referred to as Sam, Samwell Tarly features as one of the stewards of the Night’s Watch, and he also happens to be a close friend of Jon Snow. Although he carries a lot of weight, and seen as not the bravest person, he is well-educated andintelligent as well as insightful in a manner that no one can overlook his input while heading to battles.

Khal Drogo

Khal Drogo is the favorite of many fans of Game of Thrones. His presentation here as he is compared to the cat is something attractive to those who have been keenly following his moves in the show. The face of the cat coupled with the many stripes offers a keen similarity with that of Khal, which is presented as that of someone who is seriously aggressive. Their eyes are a point of interest that also highlights the character in Khal. Drogo is a strong Dothraki who features in warrior meets and he marries Daenerys who becomes the Mother of Dragons in season one.

Jon Snow

The last comparison of a cat that looks like a Game of Thrones character highlights Jon Snow. Jon Snow Raphael Targaryen and Lyanna Stark’s son and from childhood, he is seen as a bastard son of Eddard Stark. He was raised alongside the lawful children of Eddard in Winterfell and his true parentage remains a secret that even himself does not understand.

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