Five Cat Breeds That Love to Snuggle

Cats Snuggling

There is a popular stereotype that cats are cold and heartless. However, this isn’t true because the evidence shows that cats are very much capable of forming emotional bonds with cat owners. There is a potential issue in that cats show their fondness for their humans in their own particular way, meaning that cat owners may or may not understand what is being communicated. Having said that, it should come as no surprise to learn that some cat breeds are fonder of physical contact than others, which is something that interested individuals might want to keep a watchful eye out for.


Abyssinia is a name that was once used for what is now called Ethiopia. As such, it should come as no surprise to learn that the cat breed that bears the name has a strong connection to the place. Appearance-wise, Abyssinians are long and lean. However, what makes them special is their personality, which has been described as curious, playful, and extroverted. This makes Abyssinians very affectionate, so much so that they are sometimes called “puppy cats” in recognition of their standout personalities. Regardless, these characteristics make Abyssinians a good choice for a cat owner who is looking for a cat that enjoys snuggling with them.


The Birman is another example of a cat breed that is named for its place of origin. In its case, it is named for Birmanie, which refers to the country that now tends to be called Myanmar by English speakers. Supposedly, Birman cats came into existence as companions to priests in the north of that country. However, this connection isn’t well-established, as shown by the fact that there are other stories about where the cat breed came from. Similarly, there are multiple stories about how Birman cats managed to make their way to France, which was where they first came to the attention of the western world. One story says that a Frenchman was presented with a pair of the cats because of his help with protecting a temple. Other stories say that various individuals stole one or more Birman cats before bringing them to France. Whatever the case, modern Birman cats are descended from a single pair of cats that managed to survive World War Two, meaning that it was necessary to rebuild the cat breed by crossbreeding their offspring with other long-haired cat breeds. The result is a long-haired, blue-eyed cat that enjoys being petted. Furthermore, Birman cats can get along with not just humans but also other animals, which can be very important for those who want to establish a multi-animal household.

Maine Coon

Generally speaking, Maine Coons are known for their size. After all, they are supposed to be the biggest of the domesticated cat breeds, meaning that they are very much stand-outs in this regard. In any case, Maine Coons are associated with the state of Maine. However, there are various stories about how they came to be. Sometimes, these stories are pretty plausible. For instance, it is speculated that Maine Coons are related to Norwegian Forest cats, which are a natural cat breed with multiple adaptations that make them more capable of surviving in colder climates. Other times, these stories can be rather fanciful. To name an example, there is one claiming that Maine Coons are descended from the pet cats of Queen Marie Antoinette, who shows up a lot in such stories. Regardless, while Maine Coons saw a severe fall in numbers because of the introduction of other long-haired cats to the United States in the 19th century, they have since managed to make a comeback. Due to this, these cats are now widespread, not least because of their gentle nature. If someone is looking for a lap cat, the Maine Coon can make an excellent choice provided that they don’t mind putting up with a bit of weight.


Interest in puppy cats isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. There is plenty of evidence that people from the past wanted cats that are more reminiscent of puppies than their stereotypical image. For proof, look no further than Ragdoll cats, which came into existence in the 1960s because of an American woman named Ann Baker. As the story goes, she had a cat named Josephine, who produced a couple litters of kittens that were placid, affectionate, and prone to relaxing when picked up. Baker believed that she had something special, with the result that she proceeded to breed the cats while setting up her own cat registry. It isn’t quite clear whether Ragdoll cats’ special characteristics came from mutations or from their ancestral breeds. Whichever the case, they are extremely docile, so much so that some of their breeders have actually worked to correct this because they believe excessive docility to be dangerous for the cats’ wellbeing. After all, just because Ragdolls don’t react much when they feel pain, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t feeling pain. Still, so long as people are aware of these cats’ peculiarities, they can be a great household companion.


Siamese cats are descended from Thai cats. However, they have been popular in the west for a long time, meaning that they have undergone considerable development. This is the reason that Siamese cats are now longer, more fine-boned, and more narrow-headed, whereas their cousins that still resemble their shared ancestors are often called Thai cats. Regardless, it is no coincidence that Siamese cats have managed to become popular with such a wide range of people in such a wide range of places. Simply put, these cats are curious and affectionate creatures that remain quite playful into adulthood, meaning that they are often still up for a game of catch even at those ages. Siamese cats like human company. Moreover, Siamese cats are also capable of getting along with other cats, thus making them well-suited for households with more than one pet. Something that can’t be said for a lot of their less sociable counterparts.

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