20 Silly Cats Wearing Hats


The Cat in the Hat is a huge hit, and these cats certainly do not want to be left out of the fun. These cats have some of the most fun hats you’ll ever encounter, and it’s because they are serious fashionistas. They know precisely what looks good on them, what does not look good and them and how to make sure that they are on top of their fashion game. If you think that you have a face made for a fabulous hat, you haven’t seen these cats yet. They’re cooler than you’ll ever be.

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This cat looks thrilled to be dressed up as what appears to be either a puppy or a panda. He looks like a black cat that is really hoping all those bad luck rumors about bad luck are really true.

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If looks could kill, the person that put this hat on this cat’s head would have perished an ugly death.

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As cute and stylish as this cat looks in her adorable get up, she’s not happy to be the real life barbie doll of someone who loves pink.

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Now that’s an angry sorcerer. Our guess is that this sorting hat is sending this one to Slytherin.

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At least he doesn’t hate the people that put this on his head; though he does seem confused and anxious to get it off.

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This cute kitten is trying to look angry, but even his angry face is too cute to make anyone want to take this hat off his head.

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Sometimes when my hats don’t fit my head, I just wear them as pants. Don’t you?

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We saw this cat earlier, and we thought something might be missing. Clearly it was oversized specs. Too cute.

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Her expression says, “What is wrong with you?” This cat is correct; this hat does not go with his fur.

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If this hat wasn’t tied around his neck, he’d eat your face.

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In an effort to be fair, this cat is not sure whether not he feels like an 80s superhero or a supermodel. Either way, we think he likes it.

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Even this adorable little kitten doesn’t think that this is the right hat for him. He thinks going all natural is preferable.

Photo by CuteCutePics.com


‘Sup, ladies? Call me.

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This human doesn’t understand that this is already a cat. A cat hat wasn’t necessary to make people aware of this fact.

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If this cat hides under this giant hat, no one will see him and they will stop putting giant hats on his head.

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You are kidding, right? Is there a reason I’m wearing a 2nd grade science project on my head?

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This cat might not have perfected her Grumpy Cat facial expression, but her RBF tells us this might not be a happy birthday.

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If I look like one of Santa’s little helpers, I’m helping myself to one of Santa’s cookies and that glass of milk, got it?

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Duck, duck, duck…because I’m going to jump off something very tall and attack you when you’re least expecting it.

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I’m not amused, says this cat. Sincerely, not amused.

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