A Small Act of Kindness For a Small Cat in Chestnut Hill

A Chestnut Hill woman walked into her local Staples store with a photo and some important information. She didn’t expect to receive anything other than the services she was requesting. Her mission was to have a set of flyers made to post around the neighborhood. She had adopted a rescue kitten and in just a split second, the young feline bolted through her door and disappeared into the neighborhood.

One of her lowest points

The woman was struggling to hold back the tears on the emotional day after the kitten disappeared. She had just lost her beloved cat Fiona of 17 years, four days earlier. This was potentially the second loss for her in the midst of a stressful pandemic gripping the nation and the world. This was a hard day for her, but she had to maintain hope that someone would see the flyers and help the small cat return to her heartbroken owner.

Service worth the wait

As she approached the service desk a woman began helping her, but was called away for a few moments, leaving her standing there. She was beginning to feel stuck when a man asked how he could help her. She explained the dilemma about “Demi” her pandemic kitten and that she needed flyers to post in the neighborhood to try to find her. He took her information and promised to help her out. The Staples employee remarked on how cute Demi was and got to work on the flyers. He crafted a set that used red letters to highlight Lost Kitten, Please Help Find Demi, along with details about how she vanished and how to contact her owner. The kindness that he showed her that day caused the dam that was holding back her tears to break. He assured her that the signs he makes always results in the kittens being found. He just asked that she email him to let him know when the kitten comes home. Within a few days the kitten surfaced on a neighbor’s porch and the Chestnut Hill woman was reunited with her beloved pet.

A small act of kindness in a dark time

This is a timely story that needs to be shared. The woman who shared her story walked into a large retail store to request a service. She was a stranger to the man who created the beautiful flyer for her, but he took the time to do his very best to help in the situation. He could have just as easily taken a professional stance, completed the task with little human interaction and the two would have parted ways. Instead, the worker took the time to encourage her and asked her to let him know how it worked out. He maintained a positive and encouraging conversation with a total stranger. His words and actions affected her profoundly on that day and in a small way, the few moments of his time would be remembered for a long time to come.

The power of kindness

The small acts of kindness and showing that we care can mean more to a person than we realize. One well-placed word or phrase can bring light and hope for someone who is going through a particularly hard time. Life for most of us is a series of good days and not so good days. We experience wins and losses as a part of everyday living, but this is an unusual time that we’re living in. The pandemic has changed the lives of everyone around the world. Some grieve the loss of loved ones, and there are those who live in a moderate state of fear because of the deadly illness that is lurking. The environment that we currently live in is stressful to say the least, and when other things go wrong, the situation is compounded. A single act of kindness can mean so much to a person who is having a rough time.

Kindness is powerful and it impacts the person completing the act and the person on the receiving end. These leave a lasting impression on both parties. It feels good to do something nice for another person and you never know when a smile, a nod, or going a little bit out of your way to make a difference for someone will totally make their day. Kindness and compassion for others bring feelings of hope and positivity and it sends the message that we care about one another. It’s required behavior if we want to have a humane society where we look out for others, even if they’re total strangers.

Kindness is free

When we’re looking for ways to improve our lives and the lives of those around us, kindness is one of the most commonly overlooked resources. While some acts of kindness may involve making monetary contributions, most of these acts don’t cost us a cent. When we give of ourselves and show compassion to others, it’s making a powerful statement. It’s telling them that they matter and it’s a form of showing love for humanity. What better thing is there in the world? We all need validation and when someone shows us an act of kindness it’s a way of saying that we matter to them and they value us enough as a person to take the time for acknowledgment.


The story of the Chestnut Hill woman who found kindness and hope at a Staples store reminds us of the power of kindness. An act of kindness shown by a stranger can lift a person up when they’re going through dark moments. It doesn’t cost anything but a few moments of your time, but the benefits can last for a long time. You’re creating special moments that become snapshots in time that show us all that we are all connected and we’re in this together.

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