Cute Cat Stands With Arms in the Air and Meows

Cat Meowing

When you look on social media, there is certainly no shortage of animals and their humans doing things that are incredibly cute. Such is the case with a particular cat named Stella that has recently been making the rounds on Reddit.

As a matter of fact, Stella the cat is now so popular that she’s starting to show up all over the Internet, largely because of her adorable actions. It would seem that she’s actually communicating with her owner in a way that is very easy to understand.

That fact has almost everyone interested in seeing the video that was posted of her in the original Reddit post. It also has a lot of people asking questions about whether or not cats have a tendency to communicate a lot more than most people give them credit for.

Stella the Cat

There is no doubt about it, Stella the cat is very cute. It’s not even about the way she looks, but more about her cute antics. In the original video, her owner posted her walking up, looking directly at what everyone presumes to be her owner, and standing on her hind legs as she outstretches her front paws and meows.

When you watch the video, it looks very much like she’s asking to be picked up. If you’ve ever seen a baby human outstretch their arms and cry in order to be held, this is a sight that looks entirely similar. It’s true, she does indeed seem to be communicating directly with her owner. She’s even quite insistent on the matter, continuing to meow until her owner finally pays attention.

As a matter of fact, she doesn’t seem like she has any intention of letting her owner off easy. The truth of the matter is that it looks like she plans to continue meowing until she gets what she wants. As you might have guessed, this single video has gone viral because who doesn’t love a cute cat video after all?

Stella says "PICK ME UPPPP!" 🤣
by u/jamiejo389 in aww

Questions, Questions

As previously mentioned, the video featuring Stella the cat has become immensely popular, showing up on a number of different sites. It really shouldn’t be all that surprising that Stella the cat started trending after this video took hold.

However, the video has left some people asking questions. It’s relatively easy to see a food and water bowl in the background and both of them look like they could use some attention. Is Stella really asking to be held or is she asking for food, water or perhaps even both?

That’s a question that a lot of people have been asking on social media. Of course, her owner seems convinced that she’s asking to be held. That’s easy enough to believe, even when you consider the fact that a number of cats don’t really seem to like being held or even having a great deal of attention placed upon them. After all, every animal is different and they all have their own unique personalities.

It may not be common for cats to enjoy having this much attention but maybe Stella is not like every other cat. On the other hand, she could be trying to get her owner’s attention because she is hungry or thirsty.

This only serves to speak to that special bond that animals and their people have with one another, as they’re typically able to communicate in a way that is completely unique to them. The thing about it is that other people aren’t as likely to understand what type of communication is going on between the two. Regardless of the animal in question, the communication that exists is very specific between that animal and the person who cares for them on a daily basis.

In many cases, all it takes is a single look from the animal and the owner instantly understands what he or she is attempting to convey. At the same time, other people in the room may not understand what’s going on. In fact, they may not even notice that any effort at communication is even taking place because it’s often very subtle.

One thing that can’t be argued is that each animal doesn’t communicate in a way that is just as unique as they are. Once that bond has been established between the animal and their person, they know that they can depend on them for what they need, so they’re likely to go to them whenever they need anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s hugs, food or water.

Therefore, people can speculate about what Stella is really trying to say all day long, but it’s highly likely that the only person that truly understands what she’s saying is her person, who remains steadfast that she’s asking to be held.

Understanding Cats

Cat experts don’t have a lot to say about this particular video, but they do have a thing or two to say about the way that a cat communicates in general. For example, they know that cats have a tendency to meow for a number of different things.

At times, they do indeed use it as a greeting. At other times, they will make the sound when they’re trying to get your attention for something. Typically, a relaxed meow is a good thing.

It’s usually only something that people become concerned about when it is incessant or it becomes louder and louder as it progresses over time. As far as Stella’s tendency to stand on her hind legs and present her front paws, experts don’t have a lot to say. However, there is a great deal of agreement that from the look in her eyes and the position of her ears, she is indeed relaxed and happy at the time that she is communicating.

That’s because she has a soft, almost happy look in her eyes and her ears are up and forward. Despite the fact that she’s standing on her back legs, her overall body posture is relaxed, indicating that she is indeed happy.

One thing is certain, Stella the cat is definitely making waves in cyberspace. Many people are already hoping that her person will choose to post plenty of additional videos of her in the future. Who knows, she might have a new career waiting for her that neither she nor her owner have even imagined as of yet.

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