The 10 Best Litter Mats for Cats

Cat Litter Box Mat

Cats might be cute and cuddly and all kinds of wonderful, but they can also be a massive pain for anyone who likes a clean, hygienic home. Even the cleanest, most fastidious cat can get litter trapped in their claws, and unfortunately, that means that wherever they go, the litter goes too. If you’d rather not spend half your day traipsing behind your cat with a vacuum, a litter mat that traps and contains stray litter is a must. Put an end to your cat tracking litter across your home with these top ten litter mats for cats.

10. PetLike Durable Cat Litter Mat

If you want a cat litter mat that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, the PetLike Durable Cat Litter Mat makes an excellent choice. Available in a choice of 10 colors, it’s easy to match the mat to your decor. At a relatively small 30 x 18-inch, it’s not the best fit for larger cats, but it’s an excellent way of controlling scattered litter among smaller and medium-sized breeds. It can be easily cleaned by shaking and rinsing. A non-slip bottom helps it stay in place, while the phthalate and BPA-free fabric is a great boon for pet owners concerned about chemicals.

9. Upsky Litter Mat

This budget-friendly option from Upsky is not only kind on your wallet, but it’s great for your cat too, featuring a comfortable design and a plush top that makes it super soft on delicate paws. Better still, the mats come in packages of two, making them ideal for multi-pet households with several separate litter trays. The unique patterns on the top of the mat are ideal for capturing loose litter, while the high-quality PVC material makes clean-up a breeze. If you’re looking for a durable, non-slip option with a great price point, it makes a sound choice.

8. Pieviev Litter Mat

Featuring a clever honeycomb design and a non-slip back, the Pieviev Litter Mat does an excellent job of gathering litter. As the BPA and phthalate-free EVA material is waterproof, you won’t need to worry about any urine soaking into your carpet. It’s soft enough not to irritate your cat’s paws, as well as easy to clean, durable, and very affordably priced. For cat owners looking for a no-fuss litter mat that does its job and does it well, it’s an excellent option.

7. BlackHole Litter Mat for Large Cats

Finding a litter mat that’s suitable for large breeds can be a pain, but look hard enough, and you’ll find several excellent options on the market. Of those, BlackHole Litter Mat for Large Cats is one of the best. Measuring an impressive 30″ x 23″ x 0.5″, it’s suitable for any breed, but particularly ideal for bigger cats who like to kick up a good amount of litter. The dual-layer design helps trap any offending litter and facilitates exceptionally easy clean-up. The non-slip bottom has excellent grip, ensuring your cat doesn’t end up pulling the mat around the room with them.

6. LittleTiger Cat Litter Mat

Pet owners with larger cats might want to consider LittleTiger Cat Litter Mat. Measuring 47 x 36-inches, it’s ideal for cats who use a larger than average litter tray. It’s an extremely durable option with a mesh design that does an excellent job of picking up and trapping litter. The non-slip backing will keep the mat firmly in place, ensuring you won’t have to waste time moving it back to its original position every time your cat uses the tray. The padded material is wonderfully comfortable, even on sensitive paws.

5. Easyology Best Cat Litter Box Mat with Scatter Control

This high-quality option from Easyology is made from long-lasting, extra-thick BPA and phthalate-free PVC for superb durability. The woven fibers across the top claim to catch 37 percent more litter than conventional mats, ensuring you won’t have to worry about your cat trailing litter across the house. The waterproof rubber backing has an excellent grip and will help keep any urine from staining the floor. Clean-up is easy – simply tap the mat to release any trapped litter and soak in lukewarm water and detergent to remove odors. The cushioned top is comfortable enough to please even the fussiest felines, while the well-thought-out design will stop their claws from getting tangled in the surface.

4. Pieviev EZ Open Edge Design Litter Mat

As notes, if your cat has a urinary problem that makes them prone to urinating outside of the litter box, the Pieviev EZ Open Edge Design Litter Mat makes an excellent option. Thanks to its double-layered covering and honeycomb design, the mat will trap any dry litter granules between its layers, while keeping any wet mess on the top surface for easy cleanup. The grippy back will stop the mat from slipping, while the super-soft surface is perfect for delicate paws.

3. Mighty Monkey Premium Cat Litter Mat

The Mighty Monkey Premium Cat Litter Mat is a nontoxic, phthalate and BPA-free option that offers excellent protection against trailed litter. A slip-resistant bottom keeps the mat firmly in place, while the leakproof, waterproof material will keep your floor safe from stains. The mat is available in two sizes (24 x 17-inch or 35 x 23-inch), both of which are large enough to work well with larger-than-average litter trays. A grooved mesh layer traps and collects any litter.

2. Heper Litter Mat

Named one of the best cat litter mats on the market by, this super durable option from Heper does an excellent job of catching litter from your cat’s claws before they have a chance to track it around the house. It’s heavy-duty enough to stand up to heavy scratchers and, thanks to a non-slip back, won’t budge an inch from its original position. A quick shake will release any trapped litter from the oversized hexagonal holes across the surface.

1. Gorilla Grip Litter Mat

This non-toxic, phthalate-free litter mat from Gorilla Grip does an excellent job of stopping your cat from tracking litter around the house. The mesh design captures any litter trapped in your cat’s paws, while the water-resistant, non-slip backing will stop any moisture from reaching or staining your floor. As it’s scratch-resistant, it offers excellent durability. It comes in an excellent selection of shapes and sizes (choose from extra-large, jumbo, half-circle, or corner mat) and a choice of nine colors.

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