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Cat Bed

Cat lovers know this fact: if a cat doesn’t get its rest, it won’t be the same cat the next day. Everyone knows that cats are creatures of mystery. They’re constantly devising their own world-dominating plans in private and still have some time to snuggle you sweetly when they feel like it. Cats are awesome companions and are surprisingly easy to care for. They like to spend a lot of time lounging, and this is why it’s so important to provide them with a proper bed. Many people might mistake their lounging as snobbish or simply lazy, but this is just not the case. This article will explore why your cat needs its rest and all the different types of beds you can provide for your beloved pet.

Cats and their rest

According to this article, cats sleep for about two thirds of their lives. That roughly amounts to about 12 to 16 hours each day. While you’re busy working, your cat is probably lounging. This behavior is actually a result of ancestral influence. Cats in the wild have few predators and therefore can afford more sleep. In addition, wild cats need to reserve an exorbitant amount of energy for hunting, pouncing, jumping, running, and everything else it might need to catch its prey. This is also why most cats in the wild will simply lounge when it’s not hunting. These traits have been passed down for generations all the way to the domestic cat. The domestic cat will not sleep for hours on end. Your pet cat is more likely to take short naps throughout the day—another reason why a good pet bed is so important for your cat’s health. If cat’s don’t get enough sleep, they tend to become irritable and restless. They might become distant and retreat into solitary more than usual. Like many animals, cats with no sleep will also have poor appetite. A cat bed is truly one of the most important things you can get for your pet.

What to look for in a bed (500)

There are a few boxes you need to check before you spend money on a cat bed. These will help you determine what type of cat bed you should get. First off is size. Do you have a tiny cat or a large breed? Naturally, larger cats will need larger beds. But more importantly, as breed oftentimes also dictate size, the breed and type of your cat might also determine the type of bed you need to get. If you have a hairless cat, you might opt for a warmer bed. If you have an older cat, you might want to invest in one of the pricier orthopedic beds. You’d also want to take into account some things for your own peace of mind. Cleanability and durability are important things to factor in. Is the bed washable in your washer? Is it made of synthetic fibers or will it skid across your floor? Do you have room in your home for a large bed, or can you only devote a small space for your cat? How much is your budget for a cat bed?

1. Cat cave

Cat caves come in all different shapes and styles. Some might be round, or some might be hexagonal. The main characteristic of a cat cave is that it’s an enclosed shape with a small opening on one side. Cats that like hiding in spaces would love this kind of bed, but it doesn’t work well for cats that need cushion or larger spaces.

2. Plush cushion

This is probably the most common cat bed that people think of. A plush cushion is simply a basic pet mattress that has a bit more fluff. Plush cushions are sometimes made of Sherpa, poly cotton, or other synthetic materials. These types of beds are also called cuddlers because cats tend to sink in them and bury themselves into the plush. It’s good for cats that like cuddling but not necessarily for ones that tend to play with loose fibers.

3. Heated bed

A heated bed sounds good for most people—cats love them too. Cats generally tend to prefer warmth over cold—one of the reasons why they like to sit by a sunny window (in addition to just liking to watch the outdoors). There are many types of heated cat beds out there; they come in all shapes and sizes. Although not entirely a necessity, there are some breeds that might require them. Hairless cats such as Sphynxes and Donskoys literally have no layer of coat to keep their bodies warm. A heated bed will help them regulate their body temperatures as needed.

4. Window bed

We mentioned earlier that cats love to sit by the window, probably some more than others. If you have a cat that prefers the window seat, there’s a cat bed for that. There are different window beds that attach to different types of windows. There are window beds that are designed more like hanging cots—these would need extra cushion. There are others that have built-in cushion on them already. Some cat parents that have regular floor beds for their cats might even get a window bed just for extra. It’s definitely more comfortable than your windowsill.

5. Elevated bed

Luxurious and elegant. These are words that many cat breeds are associated with. If you have a cat that tends to be fancy or if you’ve got one that just prefers elevation, an elevated bed might work. These beds normally stand at least a couple of feet on the ground—kind of like a chair with a small bed on it. Many elevated beds come in wicker or basket style with a soft cushion inside. Cats love to jump and climb in elevated beds, and they like the extra privacy too.

6. Spaceship

These are as fun and quirky as can be. Spaceship cat beds normally attach to walls or even windows to give your cats an excellent view and vice versa, but there are ones that just stand on the floor. You’ll see your cat better in them as well. There’s a reason why cats like to be elevated. They like to see everything with an overhead view. This is one of the ways that cats entertain themselves. If you get your pet a spaceship bed, it’ll have the best time watching everything happening in your house.

7. Indoor/outdoor

While cats tend to not like the outdoors much, they do need some outdoor time for good health. Cats need fresh air and very light exposure to sun as well. Cats are naturally curious creatures, so make sure you take precautions when taking your cat outside just to guarantee that it can’t just run off. If there’s a place for your cat to be outdoors, make sure you provide it with an outdoor bed. Outdoor cat mattresses are usually more durable. You also have the option of buying an indoor/outdoor mattress that you can bring in or out depending on where your cat is.

8. Cat sofa

A sofa for your cat? Why not. These things look literally like miniature sofas, and they also come in all sorts of styles and designs. There are even leather sofa beds for your cats, which might be helpful if you have a cat that sheds a lot. Cat sofas may look fancy, but not all of them are as comfortable. The only other positive thing about cat sofas is that majority of them are off the ground by at least a few inches—a little bit of height for your cat.

9. Deep dish

No, this is not pizza. Think of this bed more in the literal sense, like a big bowl of a bed or a nest. These also work as cuddlers because your cat will literally be inside a deep cradle. Most deep dish bed come plush, but not all of them are. Deep dish cat beds will also provide your cat with a little bit of insulation, something you might want to invest in if you live in an area that gets really cold winters.

10. Cat flat mat

A flat mat is just what it sounds. It’s a basic mat with not a lot of cushion or fluff. It’s normally made with maybe an inch or two of cushion, and it’s a basic rectangle or square. Flat mats are great for travel as they pack light. However, flat mats don’t offer too much support. These work well for smaller cat breeds that don’t weigh too much. If you are investing in a flat mat, your cat might benefit from a small pillow for added comfort. Again, having a flat mat could be beneficial just for times when you have to travel with your cat. Many flat mats fit well in travel cages.

11. Scratch and massage bed

If you want to spoil your cat, get it a scratch and massage bed. These are basically upgrades of cardboard boxes. The reason why cats love cardboard boxes is because they like to scratch themselves on the tough corners and corrugated areas. Scratch and massage cat beds are more durable and have purposeful areas for scratching and massaging. Think of these beds more as secondary or play beds. They offer absolutely zero cushion. So if you plan on using these beds as a primary bed for your cat, add a small pillow for a little bit of cushion. A small soft blanket could work as well.

12. Burrow

They have no form, but they offer plenty of function. Burrow cat beds are made exactly for what the name suggests. These beds allow cats to burrow into them. You can only imagine the kind of comfort that could bring for your cat. Burrow beds are great for older cats that might be experiencing joint pain. It gives plenty of cushion for rolling around and stretching because the bed moves as the cat moves. It also serves as a multipurpose bed because a cat can lay in it, on top of it, or simply use it as a pillow.

13. Memory foam

Memory foam or orthopedic beds are very important to check out, especially if you have an aging cat. Cats experience bone and joint pain as they get older. Their needs change as well. Memory foam beds are gentler on older cats’ bodies. They offer support and comfort. These beds are generally at least 5 or 6 inches in thickness. They are durable and flat. There are some orthopedic beds that come with self-insulating or heating capabilities. If you find one you like that doesn’t offer enough warmth, a small warm blanket could help.

14. Bedside caddy

Do you have a cat that’s attached to your hip? If you prefer your cat not to be sleeping on your bed, it might be time to invest in a bedside caddy cat bed. These bed are like bedside caddies that hangs in between your bed spring and your mattress. The caddy usually has a cushion on top of it for comfort and comes in different sizes. The bedside caddy bed checks a few boxes for the clingy cat. It keeps them close to you, gives them a little bit of height, and also brings enough comfort for sleep. It’s an adorable type of cat bed if you’re willing to commit to it.

15. Bunk beds

Cats are family. And sometimes, there might be more cats than actually people. If you happen to have two or more cats in your household, a cat bunk bed might offer a solution to save some space. Cat bunk beds are literally miniature versions of regular bunk beds. These beds come in double or triple beds depending on what you need. They are extremely adorable and fun as well. Your cats might commit to a spot, or they might be willing to share the top bunk. Either way, cat bunk beds are a fun way to give your cats a place of rest.

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