The 10 Best Raw Cat Foods on the Market

2019 may have seen more and more of us embrace a vegan lifestyle, but for cats, its still all about the meat. Obligate carnivores by design, cats need a whole heap of meat in the dinner bowl to thrive, which is why choosing an appropriate diet is so vital to their well-being. As we look at new ways of keeping our pets in prime condition, a greater number of us are turning to the potential benefits of an all-natural, all- raw diet. With some pet owners claiming their cats experience everything from a shinier coat and healthier skin to improved immunity and a longer lifespan on raw, it’s understandable why so many of us are tempted to give it a try. If that includes you, check out our round-up of the ten very best raw cat foods on the market today.

10. Wellness TruFood Baked Blends

Available in options for both kittens and adults, and with a selection of formulas to choose from (including chicken and chicken liver; and salmon and turkey liver) Wellness TruFood Baked Blends is a meaty delight. Rich in fiber and protein, and with a dash of appetite -sating carbohydrates from legumes, it’s full of everything your cat needs to stay happy and healthy. The slow-baked method of preserving the raw food, meanwhile, ensures that all the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids of the content are kept intact.

9. Nature’s Variety Instinct Mixers

Granted, Nature’s Variety Instinct Mixers are intended as a supplement to your cat’s existing diet rather than a complete replacement, but if you want to introduce a little raw power to their meals, there’s few better ways of doing so. The freeze-drying process that goes into making the nuggets preserves all the vitamins and minerals perfectly, while also removing many of the food safety risks associated with raw food. Packed with protein, antioxidants, and vitamins, they make a healthy, not to mention tasty, addition to your pet’s bowl.

8. Wysong Archetype Raw Feline Diet

If your cat likes variety, they’ll love Wysong Archetype Raw Feline Diet. Available in rabbit, quail, or chicken formulas, you can mix up their daily diet while feeling confident that each bowl contains an optimal quantity of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Starch- free (one of the key benefits of a raw food diet, according to PetMd and with zero artificial ingredients or flavorings, it’s about as close a simulation to what your cat would eat in the wild as you’re likely to get.

7. Wellness TruFood Wet Raw Food

Available in a range of options (carrots, tuna and turkey; chicken, carrots, and chicken liver; pumpkin, beef, and salmon, to name just a few), Wellness TruFood Wet Raw Food is sure to tempt even the pickiest eater. Containing a mixture of shredded pure proteins and vegetables in a rich chicken broth gravy, it’s one of the most palatable raw foods available – and, with its individual-serve three-ounce cups, one of the most convenient.

6. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Food

The high protein content of Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Food is sure to go down a treat with your cat, while its organic, cage-free credentials are likely to do the same for your conscience. With not a grain, gluten or artificial ingredient insight, it offers a complete, balanced diet that‘s hard to fault.

5. Northwest Natural Raw Diet

With a 98% meat content, Northwest Natural Raw Diet delivers an outstanding amount of protein from chicken muscle and organ meats (although there’s also a turkey option if you want to mix things up occasionally). Made in the USA to FDA and FSIS standards, this is the kind of option that allows you to introduce your cat to a raw food with 100% confidence that what you’re putting in their bowl is incredibly safe, incredibly healthy, and, judging from the sterling reviews from owners of fussy felines, incredibly tasty.

4. Fresh is Best Freeze-Dried

Designed as a snack rather than an entire meal, Fresh is Best Freeze-Dried are made of whole, freeze-dried raw duck hearts. Use them as a treat or a supplement to keep your cat in wholesome, edible protein. Although you can serve them fresh from the bag, you can also reconstitute them in water for a soft, meaty mixture that makes a great topper to kibble.

3. Primal Freeze-Dried Feline Formula

Available in either chicken and salmon, turkey, or beef and salmon formulas, Primal Freeze-Dried Feline Formula is packed to the brim with protein, minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Made to strict quality standards in the US from ingredients sourced only in the US or New Zealand, fill your cat’s bowl to the brim with this and you’ll do wonders for both their appetite and their health.

2. Instinct Raw Boost

Made in the USA and suitable for all breeds and life stages, Instinct Raw Boost makes the ideal choice for anyone looking to try out the benefits of raw, without committing to it fully. The formula is a mix of traditional kibble and freeze-dried raw pieces. The kibble itself is protein-packed and of premium quality, while the great tasting freeze-dried pieces will help satisfy your cat’s desire for a taste of the wild, while delivering a hefty dose of probiotics, antioxidants, minerals, and more besides. As an added advantage, there’s absolutely no animal by-products, grains, soy, potatoes, or artificial ingredients insight.

1. Nature’s Variety Freeze Dried

Nature’s Variety Freeze Dried offers a complete, balanced diet that satisfies your cat’s meat cravings while giving them a healthy dose of fruit and vegetables in the process. The quality standards that go into this first-class formula are impeccable- all fruits and veggies are organic, the meat is cage-free, and there’s not a GMO ingredient or artificial flavoring insight. Along with the muscle meat, chicken liver, chicken heart and wholesome garden produce, the formula comes with a hefty squirt of salmon oil- a great source of fats and omega 3 fatty acids that are clinically proven to do wonders for everything for heart health to skin and coat condition.

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