Five Signs that Your Cat Might Be Bored

Bored cat

When it comes to boredom, cats really get into a lot of trouble when they have nothing to do.  But sometimes we mistake boredom for other things such as misbehaving or illness.  In order to rule out other behavior issues in felines, we first have to find out if they are just simply bored.  Below are five signs that point to a bored kitty, so make sure to take note.

The first sign is over grooming.  If you notice your cat licking themselves excessively, they might just need some attention.  While it could be a sign of other conditions, most of the time they are simply just bored.  This can cause hairballs so you will need to give your cat an alternative, such as playing.

The second sign is moping.  Just like a child, you will notice your cat just lying around and not moving much.  This is a sure sign of boredom. This can also be a sign of illness, so you need to keep an eye on your pet if you notice this.

The third sign is fighting with other pet members of the household.  This can also be a behavior problem but it’s usually a direct product of boredom. You should give your something to play with to curb this problem.

The fourth sign is overeating.  This can really have a negative effect on the health of your cat.  Often they will eat simply because they are bored.  We humans can surely relate to this common cause of boredom.

The fifth sign is sleeping all of the time and inactivity. Similar to moping, this can be caused by boredom.  When a cat doesn’t have a reason to get up and move, often times they will just lay there.  This can also lead to health issue, so you should always give your felines some enrichment.

Now that you know the signs of boredom in cats, you can do something to help them overcome it.  No one likes to be bored, not even our feline friends.  So make sure to give them plenty to do during the day, while you are away from the home.

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