The Best Tips on How to Make a Cat Tree

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Cats just love to climb and jump on things – just ask your cabinets and drawers! These nimble creatures can get themselves onto the highest items in the house. To spare your furniture and to treat your cat, get them a cat tree! If you don’t want to dole out the money and purchase one, there’s another option: you can make one! Making one at home saves you cash but gives your feline another (big) toy to play with – and you don’t even have to be a skilled carpenter! Here are some tips on how to make a cat tree:

– Design the tree. Before even buying materials, you’ll want to plan out what you’ll need exactly and how much you’ll need, depending on what your design is. Consider the space you are working with as well as take into consideration what your cat likes. If they like to climb, build tall perches. If they prefer a place to sleep, think about making a sleeping nook for them. Keep your design simple and something you can handle doing.

– Get the tools you need. Some tools you will definitely need to pull this off are a drill, a saw, a hammer and nails, and a staple or glue gun.

– Cut the materials to size.

– Build the base of your cat tree.

– Cover the base in carpet.

– Attach vertical support beams to the base.

– Attach horizontal perches to the support beams.

– Continue building the way you designed it.

– You can also create a tree using a sturdy ladder and adding things onto it (fake grass, rope, paint, etc) to customize it.

– Another quick way is to make one of out an old bookshelf or chest of drawers – even parts of a chair can be used!

Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images

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