10 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Russian Blue

russian blue

A cat is just a cat is just a cat, right? Wrong. Every single breed is different. Every single breed of cat has a different need, different requirements, different health concerns and different considerations that must be paid to the breed to ensure that it is taken care of and kept healthy.

Not all cats are created equal and not all people should own cats. There are so many misconceptions, not just that all cats are cats and can take care of themselves.

Some breeds are highly independent and need very little human interaction to keep them happy, but other breeds require a great deal of human interaction and that’s something you should know.

The Russian Blue is a beautiful cat, and it’s a breed that makes a wonderful pet. Its beauty and personality make people want this breed, but there are a few things you should know before you make the decision to bring home a Russian Blue.

Being a cat owner is more than just providing food and shelter; it’s about caring for your cat. We can tell you what you can expect when you bring home this breed.

1. It’s Easily Trained

The good news about the Russian Blue is that it is a cat that is easily trained. It’s one that has a good temperament, a high level of intelligence and it’s very sweet. It’s going to learn quickly to use the litter box, the schedule and what you expect of the cat.

It’s not difficult to teach this cat what is considered acceptable and unacceptable in your home. It’s smart, so you should have no issues with this cat when you make the decision to bring one home.

2. It’s Well-Behaved

What most people do love about this particular breed is the fact that it is a very well-behaved breed. It’s one that has a good personality and attitude, and it’s not going to cause trouble.

It will not get into mischief when you are not home, it will leave your belongings alone and it’s just not a cat that is going to cause you many problems. It’s a huge part of this cat’s popularity with people.

3. It Has Two Coats

What strikes people most about the Russian Blue is the color of its coat. It’s a beautiful shade of blue and lavender. But what people don’t realize is that the cat actually has two coats. While this makes for a beautiful cat, it can also make for additional shedding and a few more grooming needs. This is a cat that should be kept brushed for the best interest of its shedding and your home.

4. It’s Independent

Most people assume that all cats are highly independent and have no issue being left home alone during the day. This is actually true of the Russian Blue. It’s a cat that is very good at keeping itself entertained. It’s good at being independent and hanging out on its own, and it’s not a cat that will treat you poorly for leaving it behind on a regular basis when you go off to work or to have a fun social life outside of work.

5. It’s Easily Startled

One thing to learn about this cat is that it is very easily startled and this can be an issue for some. It’s not going to attack you, but loud noises and unexpected occurrences can cause some shock in this cat’s otherwise very calm demeanor. Just be careful if your Russian Blue is hanging out on your lap when it is shocked or startled because you could very well end up being hurt or scratched when it jumps out of fright.

6. It Picks a Favorite

While this is a cat that is happy and just fine on its own, it’s also a cat that has a lot to offer to one special person. They are well-known for finding someone in the house with whom they bond the most and then sticking to that person like glue. It’s a nice trait that many people see as friendly, but it can be a bit of a letdown in families where there are children present who want to play with the cat only to realize it doesn’t like them so much.

7. It’s Friendly and People-Oriented

The Russian Blue is not afraid of people. It’s not going to run off and hide when there is a gathering or people in the house. It is going to make sure that it is present and engaged with the crowd and all those who come to visit. It very much likes people and it is a cat that has a lot to offer a crowd, including conversation because of its beautiful coat.

8. It’s Schedule-Oriented

Something you need to learn very quickly about this breed is the fact that it very much appreciates a schedule. The breed is known for learning quickly when it’s time to wake up, go to bed and eat, and it will get a little bit crazed if you feed it off schedule. It knows dinnertime and it knows what’s going on in the world, and it’s a cat that’s going to make sure it has the schedule on target all the time – as well as you.

9. They’re a Healthy Breed

Another reason this cat is so popular is that it has no specific breed-related health issues. It’s no more prone to illness and health issues than any cat in general, which is nice. This is not to say it won’t become sick or ill because of nature in general, but you don’t have to worry about illness that has anything to do with the breed.

10. It’s Prone to Obesity

The one thing you need to know about the Russian Blue is that it is an eater. It loves food and it doesn’t know when to stop. You must ensure that you do a good job of making sure this cat does not get too much to eat or it’s going to end up sick and overweight, which can cause serious health issues.

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