Why Black Kittens Make a Solid Adoption Choice

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Cat rescue shelters and the Humane Society promote the adoption of black kittens in special campaigns to educate the public about the merits of owning a black cat. For centuries, the black cat has gotten a bad rap in some parts of the world. Black cats are seen as omens of bad luck by some superstitious people. The only thing different about black cats is the color of their coat, but not everyone sees it that way. Black kittens are adorable. They have as much potential to become a treasured member of the family as another color cat. Black kittens make a solid adoption choice, although they’re the toughest to place in a new home. Here are the facts about black kittens and why you hold consider making your next pet adoption a black kitten.

There is a need for more families to adopt black kittens

Not everyone is skittish about adopting a black cat, but there are enough people out there who will avoid them at all costs to create a problem. CTP confirms that multiple studies show black kittens are the hardest to find families for. The statistical data shows that black cats are the ones most often left in shelters while cats with other coat colors get adopted first. The numbers are shocking and show that black cats on average spend longer in shelters and more of them are euthanized than their lighter-colored contemporaries. An entire study on the prevalence of black cat bias proves that there are a lot of people in the world that are hesitant to adopt a black cat. Furthermore, it shows that there is bias against cats with black coats. The findings echo a 2019 study that confirms the negative connotations associated with black cats.

Do black cats ever get adopted?

Some black kittens and cats do eventually get adopted but the process usually takes longer. Statistics show that a black cat of any age is likely to stay in a shelter between two and six days more than cats of other colors. In Colorado, black cats spend an average of between two to three days longer in shelters. The problem is that the longer a cat stays in a shelter instead of in a loving home, the more negative it impact their emotional and physical well-being.

Why are black cats and kittens less popular choices?

The issue with black cats is steeped in myth and folklore. In the 1700s, cats were associated with witchcraft and spell casting. They were seen as companions of witches and some even believed they were capable of shape-shifting. It was believed that if a black cat crossed the road in front of you, bad luck was on the horizon. The myth was perpetuated from tales of the female cat goddess Bst, from ancient Egypt. She was black and went on to become the companion of a witch, or so the story goes. The tales inspired fear and trepidation among the superstitious. These powerful myths and beliefs have been passed down through the centuries and endure past the age of enlightenment as a deep-seated fear for many. Superstition is one of the most powerful reasons why black cats have a hard time getting adopted.

Other reasons why black cats are hard to place

Another issue with placing black cats in adoptive homes is their sheer numbers. Black and black and white-colored cats make up half of the entire population of cats in shelters. Because the color is so common, there are more of them in shelters, and cats of other colors are considered to be more novel and interesting. Even many people who are not superstitious simply want a more novel color than black or black and white.

Reasons why black kittens are a good choice for adoption

Black kittens have just as much to offer as a kitty of any other color, and maybe more. The truth is that they’re just cats with a black coat and there is nothing spooky or evil inherent. Common sense dictates that they’re just cats and it’s time to move beyond the superstitions and give them a chance to prove their worth. Black kittens are helpless babies in need of love and care. Here are some solid reasons to consider adopting a black kitten.

A black kitten has an evolutionary advantage

Nature has equipped with an evolutionary color that helps them be better survivalists in the world around them, according to Pretty Litter. There’s something about their black color that gives them an advantage over cats of other colors. They tend to be healthier and more resistant to diseases. This means fewer vet bills across the general population of black cats. Their black coat also helps to camouflage them in the dark so they can better escape predators.

Black kittens are less likely to get stolen

There’s not much we can do to change the minds of people who are steeped in superstitious beliefs. We can educate and provide the facts, but people will believe what they want. If your black kitten wanders outside and down the road, he is less likely to be stolen than cats of other colors. People are more likely to get out of his way so he doesn’t cross their paths. This can be an advantage as pet thefts are up in recent years. Your black kitten is more likely to be left wandering outside in the neighborhood, making him easier to find with a quick drive around the block.

Black kittens are in good supply

You won’t have much trouble finding a black kitten to adopt from a shelter or humane society. The statistics show that these amazing creatures make up half the cat population. Unfortunately, they take longer to adopt out. You should be able to find a black kitten at a shelter soon after you start your quest. They’re far more common than Siamese or some of the other exotic breeds.

You become part of the solution to a problem

One of the best reasons for adopting a black kitten is to become part of the solution to ending the suffering of helpless baby animals discriminated against because of their color. These kittens languish in shelters because there are often not enough staff to give the time needed for individual attention. Instead, they focus on making sure they get shelter and food. Kittens need love and affection to thrive. They also need socialization from an early age. Many dedicated people work in animal shelters. These people hope to save the lives of these precious little creatures, but there are not enough resources to go around meeting every need. By adopting a black kitten, you’re not only making room for another kitten in need of saving, but you’re also bringing home a new family member who will provide you with years of companionship, affection, entertainment, and unconditional love.

Other benefits of black cats

Black cats come in long, furry coats or with sleek and shiny coats. Some diversity makes them unique. You can choose from solid black cats or the ever-popular tuxedo cat with white paws and accents on the chest, belly, and face. Black cats are beautiful. They go well with any home decor and become an attractive addition to the family to add more variety to your living space. Black cats are highly fashionable. You can dress them in cute outfits, especially around Halloween time.

Are black cats good luck?

Humane Broward is a humane society in Broward County. The organization points out some interesting facts about black kittens. These are truths about black cats that many people are not aware of. Did you know that in some countries and cultures, they highly valued black cats? They view them as omens of good luck. It’s true. In Japan, women who hope for love, romance, and marriage view a black cat as a sign that their desires will soon come true. They observed the same belief in Britain. Sailors aboard ships would take a black cat on board to help them have better luck when sailing through dangerous seas. It also helped to keep the rat population under control. We see only certain cultures hold the belief that black cats are bad luck. Some see them as indispensable companions for protection from evil. It all depends on who you are and from where you come. What are your beliefs about black cats? How can a black cat be both good luck and bad luck at the same time?

Black cats are no different than any other cat

When you adopt a black kitten, you’re just adopting a kitten period. It doesn’t matter what color his coat is. All that matters is that you form a bond with your new kitten and develop a loving relationship. Black kittens are just as entertaining as cats of any other color. They love to play and explore the world around them. It’s fun to watch them run around the house, chase a string, or dart after a laser pointer light beam. Give your black kitten his toys and watch him keep himself entertained.

Black kittens have an impressive ancestry

Most people do not know that black cats come from an ancient line of felines. Some of the first domesticated cats are from ancient Egypt. Evidence that black cats existed thousands of years ago and were pets to members of royal families has been discovered. During the days of antiquity, these celebrated animals were so highly revered by the pharaohs of Egypt that they were treated like humans when they died. They found many black cats in ancient tombs preserved, showing evidence they mummified them along with their royal owners to guarantee that they would join them in the afterlife. It was even a crime to kill a black cat. They sentenced anyone caught committing such a heinous crime to severe punishment to deal with the offense. Black cats have a history of being treated like humans in the royal line. This version of history is a far better fact to remember about black cats when you’re considering making an adoption.

They’re there for the ones they love

Our pets come to know us well when we give them the necessities, plus love and affection. A kitten socialized black kitten will come to depend on you, but they will also sense your moods and now when you need a little extra show of affection. They have a lot of love to give that it is a wise decision to adopt one of these beautiful little critters. You will take them out of the shelter environment to begin their new life in their forever homes. They become a part of the family and treasured pets quickly.

Final thoughts

Sadly, black cats do not get the treatment that they deserve in some societies. They’re remarkable creatures that have a lot of love to offer. People who are looking for a household pet may find that black kittens are a perfect choice. We recommend considering the adoption of a black kitten first. Our rationale on the matter is solid, as black cats have gotten a bad rap more than a few hundred years. Some people accuse them of bringing bad luck to some, while others see them as a good luck omen. The truth is that they’re just cats when you move past the color of their coats. Black kittens are amazing creatures with tons of love to give. It’s time to turn the tide and end the senseless bias against black cats. They will not bring bad luck into your home, but they might deliver you loads of happiness throughout their life span. Black cats are beautiful creatures with stunning coats and wonderfully contrasting eyes that stand out nicely against their dark fur. If you’re looking for a pet to adopt into your home, please consider adopting a black kitten. The need for adoptive forever homes is much larger than the number of people adopting them.

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