Cat Breed of the Day: American Wirehair


From CatsterThe American Wirehair is generally considered an affectionate, people-oriented cat that loves to play but is not hyperactive or clingy. Wirehair cats shed in the spring and fall like other cats, but due to the delicate nature of the coat, they not be brushed. They may require bathing due to oily skin. This breed typically has a small to medium sized, muscular body with medium leg and tail length.

Do any of you out there own an American Whitehair?  If so how has your experience been with your feline?  Do you run into hair issues?  Is your cat affectionate like most descriptions say?  We’d love for you to send in any pictures and tales you have of your American Whitehair.  In the meantime please enjoy this gallery of cats and kittens of this fine breed.  Be sure to click “next” to view all the pics!

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