The Top 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds in the United States

Siamese Cat

About a year ago popular animal site Vetstreet looked into the birthing records of pedigreed cat breeds here in America.   Obviously there are hundreds if not thousands of breeds but today we’re going to focus on the most popular ones out there.  In the pages to follow we hope you own one of the top 10 most popular cat breeds in America.

1.  Siamese


Having those beautiful blue eyes certainly helps your rankings.  The Siamese cat was the #1 breed in America.  The personality of this feline is fantastic.

2.  Persian

White female Persian2

The glamorous was the second most popular pedigreed cat breed in America last year — and for good reason. He’s gentle, quiet and expressive.

3. Maine Coon


This kitty can usually get along with just about anyone. They’re known for following family members around the room. Probably you!

4. Ragdoll

ragdoll cat 7

This is a great feline fit for many families as the ragdooll is personable and fairly low maintenance. Not to mention cute!

5. Bengal


Athletic, intelligent, active and independent. These are just some of the words commonly used to describe the , who comes in at No. 5. Plus aren’t they just cool looking?

6. Himalayan


Undoubtedly one of the cutest kittens on the planet it’s no wonder they’re ranked in the top 10.

7. American Shorthair


The is the pedigreed version of the domestic shorthair — and the seventh most popular pedigreed cat in the U.S. They’re easy going, love affection and are great to play with.

8. Manx

227manx cat.ashx

The Manx is best known for its lack of a tail but they also have a very playful disposition.

9. Russian Blue


A little odd that a cat named “Russian” would be in the top 10 in the USA right? Haha. This cat is less demanding than most and are known for being very calm.

10. Sphynx


A suede-like coat is the Sphynx’s most unmistakable feature, but he’s also curious, smart and a clown who craves applause for his antics. In fact, he loves attention so much that you may want to consider getting him a fellow Sphynx playmate.

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