Cat Rescued From Basement Gets 5 lbs of Fur Cut Off

Sinbad 1

Although most cats can easily groom themselves, certain breeds of cats cannot, like Persians. Their fur gets badly matted without regular professional grooming. One poor 9-year-old Persian cat named Sinbad found himself in a horrible state of affairs when his owner became unable to care for him properly due to his advanced age. Months obviously went by, or maybe even years, without professional treatment of his matted fur. Fortunately, his owner made the decision to surrender Sinbad to the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago for treatment.

They came and picked up Sinbad and took him back to their facility for beautifying. With scissors and trimmers, the caring staff started working on the daunting task of freeing poor little Sinbad from the five pounds of filthy matted fur that had trapped him in a cocoon. It’s a wonder that he could even move, there was so much of it! But, the more hair they removed, the more he came alive! He was finally feeling like the handsome cat that had been hiding in all that mess.

Sinbad 2

And, it wasn’t even a job that could be accomplished in just one sitting. It took several hours and two passes at that matted fur to complete the job. But, it was certainly working. What’s even better is that Sinbad started feeling all that human love surrounding him and he came alive! When people came to the shelter looking to adopt pets, in spite of how tired he was from his ordeal, he would approach them, hoping to be adopted. It’s so sad to see how many animals are hoping and dreaming of adoption but get passed by. Maybe they’re not cute enough, or young enough, or perky enough to be chosen. But, the fact is that each and every one is deserving of a forever home, and that included Sinbad.

He had issues to overcome, too, like being unsteady on his feet and having to learn how to walk all over again. And, severe sensitivity to being touched made it difficult for him. But in spite of all that, he still wanted human attention. So, the shelter placed him in a foster home. A man named Elliott Serrano took him in with the intention of simply fostering the sad-looking little kitty until he found his forever home. Little did Elliott know in the beginning that Sinbad had already found his forever home. You see, he fell completely in love with the funny-looking cat with the frowny-face and just couldn’t let him go.

Sinbad 3

So, now Sinbad is a little bit older, a lot wiser, and five pounds lighter. Not only that, he’s happy as a clam living in his forever home with the man who loves him and dresses him in a cute little T-shirt and gives him a soft Star Wars blanket to sleep on. If only all the sad little animals in shelters could get foster families and forever homes rather than having to live in a cage watching people go by and pick some other animal that had something they didn’t. After all, none of them deserve a life like that.

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